Watches sales at unbelievably high prices

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Rolex displayed for auction sale

A Rolex advertsed by Patrizzi and Co. to be sold at a future auction

For most people, a watches sale would mean discounted watches. For some it means getting watches that are rare and hard to get, for whatever price it may be. Anyone passionate about the look of his or her watch is usually ready to put down some cash for it. But the amount that one person paid at an auction run by the Patrizzi and Co auction company would be over most people expectations, and budgets.

An art deco Louis Cartier Tank watch made a record sale price when it successfully was sold for $135,000. It’s a nice piece, do not doubt that for a second. It is a 1929 gorgeous, slick  looking wrist watch, something anyone would want. This watch was no

Louis Cartier men's watch which sold for $135,000

Cartier platinum men's "Louis Cartier" tank wristwatch with original platinum bracelet, completed in 1929, went for $135,000 in its original fitted morocco box at a Patrizzi and Co. auction

t the only to sell that night. All of the collectors present at the auction that night were losing breath just over the sight of some of those many reputable brands with such distinct design and shape.

Some high priced Rolex watches also went that night.

Aside from wrist watches, were also other time-keeping designs. A Cartier Comet Clock sold for $250,000. Yes, that’s a lot of money. But you must remember, that clock featured the most complicated mechanisms every produced by the company.

Out of 161 items up for grabs that night, 100 were sold.

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