New Watch and Jewelry Scam, Beware

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Scams Taking Your Money

It seems that buying luxury watches on line isn’t as safe as we might have thought.  Even in these days when so many articles are written on the precautions that you should take shopping on the web, apparently the criminals are working overtime.

The most recent scam involves on-line vendors assuming the identity of legitimate business owners in order to obtain credit card numbers and rip off innocent consumers.  This scam is different because instead of just making up a business, these individuals actually hand pick well respected companies and use their good name as the decoy. 

The legitimate watchmakers are having to place alerts on their websites, warning the public of this scam, but other than that…there is very little else that can be done.

The bottom line is that you must be extra careful, who you buy from on the internet.  Even if you are on a site that you believe to be reputable, you simply have to check them out thoroughly, if you don’t want to be taken.  Making sure that all of their contact information matches is a good start.  Calling the company directly, before you order is another great way of determining their authenticity.  The phrase for the day, “Buyer, beware”.

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