Tissot Watches Score a Victory with Nascar

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In keeping with Tissot Watches’ tradition of awarding a watch to Nascar champions, more racing greats have been the recipients of this coveted honor. In fact, the competition for the remaining watches among Nascar drivers is heating up.

Tissot Nascar Watch

In keeping with their mission to create a high-performance, precision timepiece, Tissot Watches continues to award a watch and $5,000 to the racer who spends the least amount of time with his crew in the pit, hence the title, “Pit Road Precision”.

In October 2009, Jimmie Johnson claimed his watch, after winning the Pit Road Precision title as well as the Sprint Cup. For finishing second in the lead lap and staying with his crew for just over 329 seconds, Johnson claimed one of the coveted Tissot watches and a check for $5,000.

Jeff Gordon, in another round for Tissot watches, claimed a watch and prize money for spending the shortest amount of time in the pit lane in his recent performance at the Pepsi 500 at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

Driving his number 24 Hendrick Motorsports car, he too won the Pit Road Precision title for spending the shortest amount of time (just over 295 seconds) in the pit during the race. Gordon scored another victory recently by being named as one of the 50 greatest drivers by Nascar.

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