Tissot Shows Off At Baselworld

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Tissot Is A Hit At Baselworld 2010


Tissot is a name that has always stood for excellent performance, and in 2010 that reputation will live on.  Tissot had a strong presence at the 2010 Baselworld convention.  Baselworld is the largest watch fair in the world.  This is where all the famous watchmakers show off their new products, and Tissot did not disappoint.  

They set up their unique monolith shaped stand and the visitors piled in.  Tissot promoted their wide array of new products, but they also used this opportunity to plug their new ad campaign.  The new global advertising campaign features their Ambassadors and is shot in artistic black and white.  It is designed to bring the Tissot name to a new, untapped market, but Tissot’s main goal at Baselworld was to show off some of their new innovative creations, like the Tissot Veloci-T.  These men’s and ladies timepieces are equipped with a revolutionary movement.  Taking 3 decades to develop, this movement has earned Tissot the recognition of offering the best priced Swiss made automatic chronograph…precision and value you can’t beat that. 

Of course Tissot has roots in NASCAR, MotoGP, and other fast-paced sports but at the Baselworld show they let their softer side peak through.  Tissot presented the ultra-feminine Tissot Lady Heart and Tissot Lovely.  These women’s watch elegantly pair style and precision, with a beautiful outcome.

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