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Top Ten Sports-Watches You Can Actually Use While Playing Sports

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There are many directions one can consider when trying to form a basis for a list of the best watches to wear while playing sports. Do you put a greater emphasis on style, functionality or durability? Does price matter? Should which sport a watch applies to be relative for this consideration? With those thoughts in […]

Kazimon Drei Chronograph Titanium Watch

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Kazimon is a trademark of Kazim Kenzo and all its watches are made in limited editions and in Germany. The Kazimon Drei chronograph is one of the newest creations from this German brand. In German, drei mean “three” and though it is not Kazimon’s third watch (the company has four current collections) the name refers […]

Feel Free with the Navigator 2.0 Watch

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The Navigator 2.0 is made by Freestyle, a young, hip watch brand that came about in the 80’s and creates durable watches for those that do extreme sports like skate boarding, snowboarding, biking, skiing, mountain biking and more. Freestyle is mostly known for making diving watches that are water resistant up to 100 meters (330 […]