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Omega Raises Constellation Collection

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In 2009, Omega watches went out with a bang. The company secured a gig to sponsor the Olympic Winter Games (starting in February) and updated the Constellation collection for women, one of its only offerings of jewelry watches. The new Constellation series (pictured here) are beautifully decorated, with diamonds adorning the bezel, dial, hour markers […]

Bertolucci Gioco Women’s Luxury Watches

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Why do luxury watch companies make watches that are hard to read and sometimes, actually impossible to read, making it so that you have no idea what time it is? I don’t really know the answer to that except my guess is that there is always room to impress and many times it’s more about […]

The Newest Engraved Watch by Magrette

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The Taniwha Engraved Gold Inlaid Watch is the latest from watchmaker Magrette. The first unique and different thing about this watch and all others by this brand is that it is produced in New Zeland, not in Switzerland where all luxury watch brands are based. The second unique feature to this particular watch is its […]

Platinum Jewelry and Mens Watches Rule the Red Carpet

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During this year’s 61st Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony platinum jewelry in all its shapes and forms, ruled the red carpet. Platinum earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rare men’s watches and cufflinks, all dazzling in diamonds, wear draped on all the celebrities who attended. Previous to the awards ceremony, there was an exclusive event hosted by the […]