The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Watch is Coming

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For those who are fans of TAG watches get ready because the long awaited TAG Heuer Monaco V4 watch is coming … in November 2009.

TAG is timing the release of this watch to coincide with the company’s 150 year anniversary. The Monaco V4 will be the world’s first mechanical watch with a “belt-driven movement and linear winding mass.” This watch, which will be produced in a very limited edition of only 150 pieces, has been in the making for five years.TAG Heuer Monaco V4

It’s taken this long for the concept to become a functioning reality. No watch company has ever yet to do what TAG does with the Monaco V4, which is a complete replacement of the usual gears and pinions used in mechanical movements, and replacing them with belt drives and ball bearings. The winding system too has seen a total make-over, replacing the typical centralized circular rotor with a linear winding mass.

The Monaco V4 brings new technical and design elements to the forefront of watchmaking. TAG Heuer employed 3D design experts, automotive engineers, chemists, mathematicians and others in the development process and while doing so, received two global patents for the Monaco V4. To give you an idea of how complex the inner workings of this watch are, take the belts used in the movement; each belt, of which there are five, are about as big as a human hair, making the integration of them seemingly impossible.

These watches, all of which are cased in platinum, take their name from the shape of the movement’s central plate, which is similar to the cylinders in a car. To highlight this amazing new movement, TAG created an equally cool and innovative case that measures 40.5mm.

Of course, the name Monaco has been used by TAG watches before, when it created the watch worn by Steve McQueen in the classic race car film “Le Mans.”

Each of these 150 limited edition Monaco V4 watches are assembled by genius TAG Heuer watchmaker Denis Badin. According to TAG Heuer, the Monaco V4 will retail for the princely sum of about $97,614.56.

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