The Newest Engraved Watch by Magrette

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The Taniwha Engraved Gold Inlaid Watch is the latest from watchmaker Magrette. The first unique and different thing about this watch and all others by this brand is that it is produced in New Zeland, not in Switzerland where all luxury watch brands are based. The second unique feature to this particular watch is its engraving. Hours of engraving done by hand have gone into producing this new watch by Magrette.Magrette-Taniwha-watch

The case is fully decorated with gold inlay. The designs tell a story, with characters and different scenes, there is no other watch to which this one can be compared.

The case isn’t the only part of the watch that is engraved. Look to the strap buckle, where you will also see the serial number. All Magrette watches are produced in very limited numbers, some collections only showing 10 pieces.

The case of the Taniwha measures 44mm and is made from steel with gold inlay.  The crystal is sapphire, and the watch is water resistant to about 100 feet. The strap is made from soft black leather and features an engraved buckle. Magrette-Taniwha-watch1The caseback is made sapphire crystal giving the wearer a view of the Swiss made automatic movement that runs it.

The name of the watch: Taniwha comes from ancient New Zealand history and the engraved design is based on the indigenous Maori people. Taniwha are mythical water based monsters who were known as protectors of the native New Zealand people and would help guard their canoes.

There are six collections of Magrette watches, three of which feature engraving. They are: MAUI’ S FISH, MAUI’ S FISH (B), TE MANAIA. The other three collections are: Regattare Moana Pacific, The Regattare DAY-DATE and the The Regattare DLC which all feature smooth cases and no engraving anywhere.

The watches are all made in limited editions, some as few as only 10 (the engraved ones) and prices range from $300 to just under $6,000. The Taniwha Engraved Gold Inlaid Watch is only available in five pieces and is the most expensive one yet, selling for $5,985.

Components of Magrette watches are sourced from all over the world. The soft leather straps are made by a specialist in Canada, graphic design work done is done by a New Zealander based in Taiwan and dials Germany. The vintage style roll case is made in Auckland and all hand engraving is done in New Zealand as well.

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