The LIV GX1-A Kickstarter Project Fully Funded in 34 Minutes

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With over a quarter of a million dollars pledged by more than 550 backers, the LIV GX1-A Swiss Automatic Watch is proving to be the most sought out Swiss watch on Kickstarter yet. Within 34 minutes of launching the watch, the entire project was fully funded on Kickstarter, replacing the LIV Genesis X1 Chronograph as the most backed Swiss Watch Project on Kickstarter.

The LIV Genesis X1 Automatic boasts the quality and craftsmanship of a Swiss watch, yet proves to not be compromised by the affordable price tag. With the consumers in mind, the Brooklyn-based brand has created a watch unrivalled in its’ ability to couple both the meticulous detail of a high quality Swiss-made automatic watch with the accessible price. Starting at $390 on Kickstarter, the watch is the only Swiss Automatic watch ever launched on Kickstarter under $500.


It is little wonder the LIV GX1-A Automatic had more backers within 22 hours than the last LIV project had in over 30 days. Designed for “the man who won’t be told what to do,” the watch offers a clean design with its’ three-dimensional multi layered construction and high quality anti-reflective sapphire crystal on the front and back. The rugged stainless steel casing and IP coating, creates an overall tough, yet aesthetically beautiful appearance.


The LIV journey is showing to be quite exciting for the small, boutique brand. Since its launch in 2012 the company has skyrocketed into success and the LIV Genesis X1-A seems to prove that it’s only getting better

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