Tag Heuer 360′ Museum Opening

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Tag Heuer 360' Museum


Tag Heuer’s 150 old reputation has been built from a foundation of precision and quality.  This unique watchmaker attributes their brand strength to their focused efforts to produce the world’s most accurate timepieces.  Establishing a framework for success, the Tag Heuer team has been able to develop precision instruments, which really perform.  Like the Mikrograph, a mechanical stopwatch, this is highly accurate…to within 1/100th of a second…and the first of its kind.  Of course, that was back in 1916, and as important a milestone as that invention was…Tag Heuer has seen light years of growth since then.   This year, Tag Heuer will entertain and amaze us all with the opening of their new Tag Heuer 360’ Museum.  Located in the Tag Heuer headquarters, the Museum will take you through the history of innovation, and creation that surrounds Tag Heuer, giving you the full picture.  In keeping with the technological advancements of Tag Heuer, the museum will feature the world’s first 360’ movie screen.  This conic screen is computer powered and will generate over one million images every hour, telling the story behind Tag Heuer and their legendary watchmaking achievements.  This technology will create a complex and engaging outcome, and hopefully amaze you.

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