TAG Heuer and The Great Wall Of China

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Following the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster around the world can keep a gal pretty busy.  This week the Roadster landed, figuratively speaking, at China’s Great Wall.  This battery operated machine has plugged in everywhere from India, to Russia…and now they must find the power of the Great Wall. As the Tesla roadster pulled into, what is thought to be the most culturally significant landmark in its year and an half road trip, who was waiting?  None other than the most well respected actor in China, Chen Dao.  Dao is famous for his role in “Hero” and his upcoming debut in “Aftershock”.  The Chinese actor took the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster out for a quick spin, and was thrilled to be the Ambassador for the Chinese stop.  The Roadster’s trip, entitled “Odyssey of Pioneers” is a 37,000 kilometer jaunt, covering 15 cities on a total of 3 continents.  The stop in Beijing was the eighth of the 15 stops for this zero emissions vehicle.  The Tesla Roadster is a revolutionary car, which runs on conventional electricity.  The sources the Roadster has drawn power from are hotel outlets, solar panels, and even a barn in Switzerland allowed the Tesla to plug in.  You can track the Tesla’s journey on Facebook, if you are interested, or stay tuned for my next update!

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