TAG Heuer’s New Ambassador, Chandhok

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TAG Heuer's Ambassador to India, Karun Chandhok

TAG Heuer’s luxury sport watch line is well respected in the high stakes world of racing, for their accuracy.  This is a tough crowd, who demand perfection.  There is little to no room for error in timing a racing event, and that’s where TAG Heuer’s perfection shines.  In May of 2010, TAG announced that Formula One driver, Karun Chandhok of India would join their illustrious group of Ambassadors.  This newest edition of brand Ambassador will make his initial appearance on May 19th, at the TAG Heuer 150 year anniversary event.  The celebration will be held in New Delhi, India and is sure to create a stir. 

An intense dedication to excellence is a TAG Heuer trait, and that characteristic is modeled in Chandhok.  The driver joins the Formula One racing team at the tender age of 26, accomplishing something most drivers dream of, but few ever achieve.  The TAG Heuer name has a long standing reputation of quality performance, and commitment to value.  They continue to recognize talented individuals in the sports world, and align themselves with them.  This partnership seem to be the perfect fit, not unlike the other Formula One Ambassadors; Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Ayrton Senna, and Alain Prost.  TAG Heuer, expect the very best.

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