TAG Heuer’s Silverstone For Charity

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TAG Heuer to Auction Off Silverstone Calibre 11

Bonhams, the renowned auction house, will be presenting a TAG Heuer Silverstone Calibre 11 watch for sale, at a showing in December.  The event offers the watch as a charity item and part of the 150 year commemoration of the luxury sport watch maker, TAG Heuer.  Bonhams is a global auction house, specializing in evaluating and selling art and antiquities of all kinds.  The watch will be an unusual and highly valued red version of the Silverstone Calibre 11 Chronograph.  It will be offered along with Haslinger’s Collection of extraordinary timepieces.  The piece is expected to go for between $7,500.00 and $9,500.00.  The Silverstone is a highly collectible watch, second only to the TAG Heuer Monaco watch, and will be a valuable charity item. 

The Silverstone carries a decidedly vintage look and feel, with its large square dial, and rounded edging.  This stainless-steel watch displays the “Heuer” logo and Silverstone inscription at the 12 o’clock mark.  This new red version also includes a signature by Jack Heuer, indicating the special timing of this watch.  The Silverstone Calibre 11 Chronograph Anniversary Edition watch will be a piece you will treasure forever…a true collectors piece, and the proceeds will benefit Green Cross International.  Bidding on this watch is a win-win!

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