TAG Heuer Gets Recognized For Excellence

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TAG Heuer's 150 Year Celebration

TAG Heuer has a solid reputation as a true innovative force, and a well respected presence all around the world.  Their inventions and breakthroughs in the world of timekeeping have put them on the map, and that history continues to be written.  In May of 2010 a top Australian jeweler, Mr. Kock held an event to honor the TAG Heuer Company for their accomplishments, and to launch a new exhibition.  TAG Heuer’s 150 year anniversary marked this event, which includes some touching moments between Mr. Kock and Jack Heuer.  Three time Formula One Championship winner, Niki Lauda was on hand to receive a Silverstone Limited Edition watch, in its original steel blue version, from Jack Heuer.  The exhibition follows a hugely successful show at Baselworld 2010, where TAG impressed all with their new creations.  This innovator, keeps redefining the way we keep time, with brilliant new technology.  They have expanded their business to include luxury watches for women, which have style and elegance.  The TAG Heuer creations continue to amaze us with their craftsmanship, and wow us with their great looks.  Since 1860, when TAG Heuer began this quest for excellence, the world has changed much…and the TAG Heuer designers have managed to stay one step ahead of the pack.

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