TAG Heuer and Tesla Motors, Join Forces

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TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster

Tesla and TAG join forces to create a unique, one of a kind collector’s edition electric car.  TAG Heuer’s avante-garde reputation is upheld, as they join with electric car designers, Tesla.  As a celebration of their 150 years in the watchmaking business, TAG Heuer partnered with Tesla Motors to create this revolutionary vehicle.  The TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster is a dedication to performance, innovation, quality, and prestige, all traits of the legendary watchmaker.  The Roadster is currently on tour, and will be on display in 15 cities around the world.  Basel, Monaco, Milan, Budapest, Warsaw, Moscow, New Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, and Paris will host the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster.  The exhibition will also feature TAG Heuer timepieces from the past, the present, and the future.  Showcased will be the TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept watch, The Monaco V4, and The Carrera Claibre Chronograph.  Brand Ambassadors will be on hand to start off the exhibition and a signed TAG Heuer 150 Years Book will be auctioned off at the end of the tour.  TAG Heuer has spent the past 150 years re-inventing the way we keep time.  Their innovative chronological inventions have helped to write the history of this art form, and their creative designs have placed them at the top of their field.  TAG Heuer, just keeps on ticking.

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