TAG Heuer… Busted

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For how long have we been hearing about the upcoming 150th TAG Heuer anniversary? For a long time is the answer.  To celebrate this event, TAG has been making all kinds of publicity noise to draw attention to its watches. One of the big, recent claims to fame is the long awaited and super complicated new movement “developed” by TAG called the Calibre 1887. tag-heuer-caliber-1887

Well, just as Tiger Woods (Ambassador of TAG watches) got busted, now TAG is busted also. Turns out the new automatic Calibre 1887 is not their creation, but that of Seiko and TAG simply gave it a cosmetic “face lift.” Seiko designed this caliber ten years ago, called the Seiko 6S37. Apparently there was a behind the doors agreement with Seiko that no one knew about, so that legally TAG covered its tracks, but in terms of publicity, this is all pretty much a lie.

And thanks to the Internet community, you now know about it also. Word spreads fast on the Web and this can certainly be good or bad. Serious watch lovers noticed the similarities between the two calibers and brought word to the forefront; TAG CEO Jean-Christophe Babin himself had the face the music and went online to say that his company had made a “mistake” and had actually “adopted” the movement from Seiko.

Perhaps the only winner here is Tiger Woods who has a good case now to petition TAG for keeping him on as an Ambassador, as they’re both accused of wrong doing and lying to the public.

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