Summer Is The Perfect Time To Enjoy Fruitz Watches

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Fruit Inspired "Fruitz Watches"

Everyone’s going bananas over the new Fruitz Watches.  Fruitz is a line of timepieces, which go above and beyond simply telling time.  These clever little watches are specially designed with Natural Frequency Technology embedded inside.  These fruity flavors look amazingly like cut fruit, and are styled throughout in this whimsical fashion, but their fun appearance isn’t all they have to offer.  The Fruitz Watches register the Earth’s frequency and provide the wearer with all kinds of health benefits.  Better sleep, clearer thoughts, and reduced stress are among the results from wearing the Fruitz Watches.  They come with brightly colored dials, which are textured with a sunburst effect.  The hour markings are made to resemble seedlings, and the hands are fashioned in a leaf pattern.  Some of the bracelets are in polished steel, but most come in colorful silicone.  Fruitz Watches make the perfect summertime accessory.  The timepieces are made for men, women, and children…they are irresistible, even to the pickiest of teenagers!  And Fruitz Watches are extremely affordable, priced just over $200.00.  Which is your favorite fruit flavor?  Watermelon, Lime, Plum, or Raspberry?  Fruitz offers many flavors, all infused with the benefits of Natural Frequency Technology.  So, pick your favorite fruit, and start to reap the rewards.

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