Roger Federer’s Rolex Watch Collection

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Roger Federer’s Rolex Watch Collection

Roger Federer, Swiss tennis star, has good reason to be a Rolex enthusiast. With their established chronomatic precision, classic designs, and sport-friendly features such as water resistance, athletes cannot help but love them. Federer has been an avid Rolex collector and endorser for several years, and he has acquired a few very special Rolex watches: the Day Date, Datejust, and a vintage Daytona from 1981.

Roger Federer's Collection of Rolex Watches

Roger Federer’s Collection of Rolex Watches

Rolex has been the leading name in luxury watches since the early 20th century when Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of the Rolex brand, created precise and elegant watches made from Swiss parts. In 1910, Rolex received the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, the first watch to receive that honor that was not a marine chronometer. The award earned Rolex a reputation of precision, yet they have always maintained their elegant style.

Although Roger Federer is number 4 on the Forbes list “Top 50 highest-paid athletes” in 2011, not one cent of his earnings is spent on his growing Rolex collection. The only condition of his endorsement for Rolex is that he exclusively wears Rolex watches. Who would complain?

All of Federer’s Rolex watches have some kind of sentimental value. Most of his watches have an engraving to mark a special occasion, such as a birthday or an important win. Federer has three Rolexes that he chose to share via interview:

  • Day Date Watch – The Day Date watch is Federer’s first choice for night events and while on the tennis court due to its light-weight design. This watch was the first to spell out the day in its entirety on the dial.
  • Datejust – Federer received his Rolex Datejust at the Wimbledon trophy ceremony when he achieved his 15th Grand Slam tournament victory. His Datejust features a fluted bezel.
  • Vintage Daytona 6263 – This watch might be the most precious to Federer. Issued in his birth year of 1981, his wife tracked down this vintage piece for his, and the watch’s, 30th birthday.

Roger Federer prefers that his Rolex watches be made of stainless steel. He prefers stainless steel because they are light enough for him to wear them while playing tennis.

Roger Federer says “every Rolex tells a story.” Watch this video of his interview with Vijay Amritraj, in which he tells his own personal stories of his Rolex collection.



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