Actress Insults Raymond Weil

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Raymond Weil is Dissapointed With Theron

Hollywood actress and Raymond Weil representative, Charlize Theron may love her Christian Dior watch, but she should only wear it when the cameras are not around.  When she was photographed wearing the Dior timepiece, she ruffled a few feathers at Raymond Weil.  Displaying a watch made by the company’s competitor was more than offensive to the Raymond Weil executives, who ordered Theron to cough up a substantial amount in damages to the luxury watch maker.  Theron entered in to a very profitable endorsement deal with Raymond Weil, and wearing a competitor’s watch severs the terms of her agreement.  Charlize had a contract with the Swiss watch maker to be the face of Raymond Weil for an 11 month period…this “mistake” may cost her as much as $20 million dollars.  Apparently, as reported in a 32 page report from United States District Judge, Colleen McMahon Ms. Theron repeatedly ignored the rules and conditions surrounding her contract.  Lawyers for the actress claim she made an innocent mistake and did not understand the rules of her contract, but RW isn’t buying it.  It seems that Theron wore the Dior watch at a press conference in Texas, where she obviously knew she was going to be photographed.  This unfortunate error in judgment has cost Theron her contract, $20 million dollars, and her respect from Raymond Weil.  Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re above reproach.

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