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Raymond Weil RW Club Travel Guide

Raymond Weil is a quality Swiss watch designer, but is that all they do?  Apparently not, the folks a Raymond Weil offer access to a world of luxurious experiences through their exclusive RW Club.  Just go to the Raymond Weil website and follow the cues to the RW Club.  To sign up, simply enter relevant information, such as your name, address, and e-mail address.  Once a member of the Raymond Weil Club, you will gain access to travel information, galore.  The Raymond Weil travel guide is available to you, upon request, and it is full of information on the finest restaurants, hotels, and museums in the world.  The travel guide focuses its efforts on specifically interesting cities, such as Hong Kong, Istanbul, Barcelona, London, New York, Paris, Beijing, Dubai, Rome, Singapore, and Sydney.  This pocket sized booklet from the RW Club lists valuable information on upcoming events and activities in these cities, as well as first hand knowledge of the hotels and restaurants they endorse.  This first hand knowledge includes specific recommendations of cocktails, appetizers, and main course options.  The descriptions make you feel like you’ve been there before and are coming back for more.  Even more is offered through the RW Club than travel referrals, so hop on line and join the RW Club today.

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