See Straight Through To The Beauty Of Panerai Watches

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Panerai Watches Are Beautiful Inside And Out

You may not have heard very much about the Italian-born watchmakers Panerai, but trust me, they are worth getting to know.  Panerai watches are the culmination of elegant Italian design, matched with precision Swiss tradition and technical expertise.  The outcome is fantastic.

The Panerai family first set up shop in Florence, Italy…but has since spread their wings to boutiques from Los Angeles to Tokyo.  The manufacturing of these beautiful watches still takes place in the Officine Panerai, located in the small town of Neuchatel, a Swiss region well-known for their finely crafted timepieces.

In the future we will explore more Panerai watch options, but today I have to share the Lo Scienziato Radiomar Tourbillon GMT Men’s Watch.  What a gorgeous instrument.  At first glance, you realize what a special watch this it.  The face of the black ceramic case is see-through crystal on both the front and back.  Yes, you can actually see all the way through to the intricate inner workings of this timepiece.  This is a hand-wound mechanical watch, and as you will find out…there is a lot going on inside.  It’s like a scene right out of Leonardo DaVinci’s mind. Quite incredible.  Form and function are brought together in perfect harmony and the Lo Scientziato Radiomar Tourbillon comes to life.   

Stay tuned, there are more praised to be sung about this phenomenal watchmaker!

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