Oris Understated Style

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Oris Classic Men's Watch

Oris, for those not familiar with these watchmakers, are quality, precision engineers of timekeeping.  Makers of only Mechanical watches, Oris has built an unmatched reputation for themselves in their field.  Oris models include Diving watches, an Aviation line and the Culture series, where you can pick up the signature Bob Dylan timepiece.  Another Mechanical watch from the Culture Collection is the Oris Classic.  If you are the kind of person who buys only the classic everything, this is your watch.  This men’s watch is stylish in a very understated way.  The Oris Classic says that you are confident and successful, but you don’t brag about it!  The Oris Classic is available in only two versions, the black dial, or the silver dial.  Each of these comes paired with a black leather strap.  I know, it doesn’t sound like an exciting watch…but the fact that it’s an Oris, makes all the difference.  The Classic men’s watch has an automatic self-winding movement.  It’s a Mechanical, like all Oris’s, but this one takes no batteries and no winding, brilliant!  This timepiece also has a 38 hour power reserve.  It’s a large men’s size watch, with a measurement of 42 mm.  Flash is not the word here, but style and performance will win you over.

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