Omega Watches Speedmaster is NASA-Certified for Spaceflight

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When it comes to men’s watches, there is nothing that says “serious watch” more than Omega watches.  The company behind the watch that was worn on the first moon landing has done it again.  Omega’s 50th Anniversary Speedmaster is an exact replica of the watch of the watch that NASA supplied to each of the Apollo astronauts.  It is even manually wound, just like the original.  This watch sold quite well between 1957 and 1966 as the Omega “Speedmaster” and later as the “Speedmaster Professional”.

Today’s Omega watches offer up the latest generation of amazing precision and ruggedness, just like they always have.  Take the Omega Speedmaster, for exaomega watches speedmastermple (Ref. #311.  This men’s watch has is made of stainless steel and has a manual winding mechanism at its heart.  It is exactly like the one worn on the moon, and is even engraved with the NASA emblem, noting its flight qualification for all manned space missions.

This chronograph is distinctively masculine and quite powerful as well, with a 12-hour, 30 minute and 1/10 of a second subdial and rugged steel construction.  Its domed, anti-reflective case is scratch proof and water resistant up to 100 meters, and the large round case gives it the look and feel of a navigator’s watch, complete with a tachymeter on the bezel.

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