Omega Watches Honors Two Gold Medalists

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

February 22, 2010 – Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  Omega honored two Olympic gold medalists the Swiss ski jumper Simon Ammann who won 2 gold medals and Maelle Ricker who won the gold in snowboard cross and right in her own backyard.  Ricker is the fist Canadian woman to win a gold medal on Canadian soil.  Presented with Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches by two legendary astronauts was just as exciting for the winners.

Captain Gene Cernan and General Thomas Stafford accompanied by Omega president Stephen Urquhart did the honors.  Cernan told Ammann he and Stafford had never worn gold medals and asked if they could try them on.  Ammann complied laughing and handed one to each astronaut, one being the last human being to leave a footprint on the moon and the other commander of the Apollo Soyuz Test Project.

They all posed for pictures in Omega’s bobsleigh in front of the Omega Countdown Clock. 

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Pleased with her Omega watch and proud of her win for Canada Ricker said she will no longer be late for upcoming snowboard world cups. 

Ammann stated she was happy to meet other athletes like Ricker, knowing she grew up in Vancouver and how significant this was for her.

Being Swiss Ammann was honored to be recognized by Omega for her excellent efforts and accomplishments.

Omega is the official Timekeeper of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

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