Omega Raises Constellation Collection

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In 2009, Omega watches went out with a bang. The company secured a gig to sponsor the Olympic Winter Games (starting in February) and updated the Constellation collection for women, one of its only offerings of jewelry watches.

The new Constellation series (pictured here) are beautifully decorated, with diamonds adorning the bezel, dial, hour markers and being part of the “supernova” pattern. The bracelet as well became smoother and more seamless; this being one of the principal characteristics of Omega Constellation watches. The cases are made from gold, two-tone, or stainless steel and color options range from steel to purple, champagne and black and white, while sizes vary from 24, 27, 31, and 35, to 38mm.

Cindy Crawford, an Omega Ambassador since 1995, has always promoted women’s watches from the Constellation collection and is frequently seen wearing one; so it made sense that Omega would raise this collection to be its flagship women’s watch.

In keeping with a largely popular style trend to emerge from 2009, Omega now offers this watch with a rubber strap (seen in second image). Matching diamonds and rubber is a hot new look, allowing the watch to be fancy yet cool / casual at the same time.

Prices for these new watches range from a couple thousand of dollars all the way to $15,000, for the top of the line models.

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