Omega, Perfection In Design

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Omega Movements Made History


Omega views watchmaking as an art, and has for the past 160 years.  Omega innovators have enhanced the world of watchmaking with their creations, continually astounding us with new technology, marking a solid place for themselves in this industry.  From the early days Omega’s brilliant artisans produced some very special movements, like the Calibers 19”, 1894.  This renowned caliber, ingenuously designed by Francois Chevillat was described with one word, “perfection”.  The blueprint of this famous design has lived on, and been used by the world’s finest watchmakers.  Thought to be the final step in watchmaking technology, at the time, the movement was named after the last letter in the Greek language, and from there, the Omega name was born.  The Omega movements that Chevillat went on to create were as beautifully adorned inside as the watches were outside.  The Omega 19” Grade DDR was developed in 1905.  It was equipped with 23 jewels, including diamonds and rubies.  This silver/nickel movement had diamonds atop the barrel arbour, and a cross end and stop stones, which were diamond set.  Along with the diamonds and rubies, the movement was crafted of gold, with gold collets and balance screws.  

Of course, these designs were only the beginnings of what would be a long and legendary history, which makes up Omega.  Omega watches, perfect.

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