Movado, Taditional And Modern

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Movado, Traditional Design, Fresh New Look


Movado has staying power that’s huge.  This luxury watchmaker has been around for over 125 years, and is still going strong.  Why?  Movado has kept to a very similar artistic style all these years, and that’s because they’re brilliant.  Movado knows what works and doesn’t waste time trying to change our minds with fads or trends.  They, simply…keep it simple.  The Movado name means “always in motion”, and that has been what Movado watches have always done.  Reliability is never lacking in these fine timepieces, and neither is style.  From their Museum line to other famous Movado collections, the artistic influence is a strong presence.  Movado watches have gained much attention, and over 200 international watchmaking awards for excellence and innovation, and their designers have received more than 100 patents for their exceptional efforts.  Even the men’s Movado watches have a delicate look and feel, but here is one of the ladies Movado’s.  The Bela women’s watch is like a lovely piece of jewelry.  The classic round Movado clock dial sits exquisitely on a thin, bangle style bracelet…neither overpowering the other.  The face comes of the Bela comes in traditional black or a beautiful, pale pink, just gorgeous!  It’s amazing how Movado can create one fantastic design after another.

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