Movado Future Legends Receive Recognition

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Movado Artists Award Recognizes Youg Talent


Movado Future Legends Program is in its second year.  Movado, known as an exceptionally artistic watchmaker, has always been committed to their craft, honoring this commitment, by producing innovative and stylish creations throughout the years.  The award of Movado Future Legends is given with the cooperation of The John F. Kennedy Center, The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and The Baryshnikov Arts Center.  This Movado honor is presented to young and talented artists still studying their skill.  Obviously, the individuals show exceptional talent and drive to be selected for the Movado Future Legends award.  The award is offered to a wide variety of artists from dancers, to photographers.  Movado’s award is as artistically creative as the artisans who receive it.  The crystal design features two interlocking circles, which symbolizes the partnership forged between Movado’s love and respect for the arts, and the artists’ individual devotion and loyalty to their creations.  

Some of the first recipients of the Movado Future Legends award have been dancer Kirk Henning, nominated by the Suzanne Farrell Ballet and The Kennedy Center, dancer Doug Letheren, nominated by The Baryshnikiv Arts Center, and the Design team of Doshi Levin, nominated by Cooper-Hewitt.  This prestigious honor, on behalf of Movado, will have a profound effect on the future success of these young artists, and pays tribute to their blossoming talent.

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