Movado, Luxury At The Right Price

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Movado, Meticulous Designs

Movado is recognized around the world as a superior Swiss watchmaker, and we all know that their meticulous quality is built in to the very blueprint of their watches.  From the moment of conception, Movado is concerned with form, as well as function.  Using the finest materials, and the best Swiss made movements, has given them a reputation of trusted excellence.  Their design elements have been noticed, and applauded by critics of the art world, and the rest of us, for many years.  Movado’s are understated and elegant in their design.  The minimalistic characteristics of Movado timepieces have been the driving force behind their style, since the Museum was released, and that hasn’t changed.  Movado, meaning “always in motion”, has been their philosophy all along, and it will take them into the future.  The strength behind the name is consistency.  Movado turns out creative and exquisite designs, constantly.  Their quality and craftsmanship is never in doubt, and this had resulted in the growth of this company.  Movado’s sell, when other may not, because of their quality, their great looks, and (most importantly) their pricing.  Movado boasts the most affordable Swiss made watches, anywhere.  That’s doing it right.  Movado, old school engineering, prices for the new economy.

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