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Oris Understated Style

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Oris, for those not familiar with these watchmakers, are quality, precision engineers of timekeeping.  Makers of only Mechanical watches, Oris has built an unmatched reputation for themselves in their field.  Oris models include Diving watches, an Aviation line and the Culture series, where you can pick up the signature Bob Dylan timepiece.  Another Mechanical watch […]

Discount Watches, Let’s Make A Deal

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Ok, let’s go shopping.  Sound like fun, right?  Well, it can be, but shopping on the web can also be confusing…that’s where I come in.  Today we’re looking for discount watches, and trust me when I tell you, the deals are out there.  You just have to know where to look and what you’re looking […]

Jet-Setting Oris

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If you’re searching for style and extreme performance, an Oris watch is a great place to look.  You will find that the Oris team has assembled some of the finest Mechanical watches in the world.  Their Pilot’s watches are just one of the amazing styles that have been engineered.  The Oris Big Crown was one […]

Oris Gives Away Bob Dylan Limited Edition Watch To Lucky Member

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  Oris is known for their unique watch designs and innovative technology.  Priding themselves on their award-winning reputation, Oris set the standard for Mechanical watchmaking.   Owning one of these amazing timepieces is a treat, and now anyone can. In March of 2010, in celebration of their 20,000 member log-in to MyOris, the company offered a […]