Kayne West Gets a Bad Rap… Will Rolex Also?

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If you haven’t by now heard about or seen a clip of Kayne’s ridiculous and rude outburst last night at MTV’s 2009 Video Music Awards, you will soon enough. Who does he think he is? His interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for “Best Female Video”, to say that Beyonce had (and deserved) the best female video, was super rude and definitely had racial overtones to it (Taylor is a white girl that sings country music).kanye

It may have been a pathetic attempt to get attention for himself or simply to humiliate Taylor Swift; whatever the reason was, he deserves to be trampled by the press, which he is. Some are saying he was drunk, as he was seen chugging a bottle of Hennessey prior to his rude outburst.

Kayne, a self-proclaimed fashionista, is a fan of Rolex watches. Last night he had on a gold watch, most likely a Rolex. This past summer Kayne made the comment that Rolex would be his signature watch brand.

One of the Rolex watches that he prefers is a customized Rolex Submariner known as the “Black Out” version, saying “It’s a new take on a classic watch.”

The “Black Out” concept is applied to other luxury goods as well as watches. Founded in 2007 by Fabrice Letellier, the idea was born this collector of luxury watches, cars and more, gave some of his “hot wheels”   and his Rolex watch matte black treatments:  blacking them out (as seen here in the photograph). The trend caught on and Letellier started contracting out with high-end watch brands like Rolex, Panerai, Bell & Ross and Audemars Piguet.  He uses PVD and DLC (diamond-like carbon, two low-friction, scratch-proof finishes to coat the watches.

Now, back to Kayne. Even his apology to Taylor Swift and her family (through his blog) was fake; he write” I’m soooo sorry.” Nothing more than a drunken ramble if you ask me. Even though he said Taylor was “talented”, he still said that Beyonce’s video was “the best video of the decade” and basically said that he had every right to express himself, proclaiming “I’m real.”

Ugh. Enough. Let him drag himself down. I’m sure that Rolex, who seems to be the preferred luxury watch brand by most celebrities (see our post about the well-behaved and very polite Jay Z and his Rolex Masterpiece) and gets much free press from those who love and wear the watches, is crossing its fingers hoping that Kayne’s association with the brand doesn’t give it a bad rap.

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