Go On An Underwater Adventure With IWC

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Dive Deep With IWC

IWC has built a reputation specializing in chronometry.  Rooted in Engineering, this extraordinary watchmaker has made history with their impressive inventions, like their diver’s watch that can withstand depths up to 2000 meters.  As if that isn’t incredible enough, this is the only diver’s watch equipped with a mechanical depth gauge.  IWC’s amazing lines of diver’s watches, appropriately named the “Aquatimers” have been among the cornerstones for the company.  These are high performance, professional instruments and are well-respected and trusted in the industry.

The 3767 Aquatimer Chronograph is one in this line of timepieces.  This is a self-winding mechanical, with chronograph movement.  When fully wound, this watch holds a 44 hour power reserve, which comes in handy when you’re out at sea. The IWC  Aquatimer is water-resistant to 12 bars, and come with luminescent features on the hands.  The stunning face of this watch is accented with colors that are highly visible at great depths.  The different versions are offered with either a durable rubberized strap, or a solid stainless-steel, in a polished finish.  All the IWC Aquatimer watches have a rotating external bezel, which marks the beginning of a dive.

It’s hard to compete with IWC’s diving watches.  They have been carefully engineered, down to the smallest detail for peak precision and performance.  Next time I go deep-sea diving…I would feel safer having one of these strapped to my wrist.

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