IWC design watch for “Year of the Tiger”

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Entering the Year of the Tiger, we find many people who want to add a little tiger into their wardrobes. IWC did something special in its honor too.

Strange as it may seem, while animal pelts have always been associated with royalty, animal imprints have been seen as non-classy and sometimes even crass. Leaopard, tiger, cheetah and other animals have been stripped of their fur for the aristocratic wardrobe, while the simpler classes simply stuck to simple pictures of animals.

Regardless of one’s personal choice on design, it would be safe to say that most people have a certain appeal to them, perhaps because of their glamor and exotic appearance. Even fashion designers have always found animals, either through imagery or fur, as an extreme styling choice.

Many people seem to have looked for different ways to inject a little bit of tiger-ness into their office, party or just casual wear. Some have chosen a tiger pattern tie or tiger-print velvet slippers, both designed and manufactured by leading fashion brands.

A number of brands have found other ways, some more loud, others subtler, to express the Year of the Tiger message.

Perhaps the most appealing to a classy businessman would be the IWC watch with a special print dedicating it to the Year of the Tiger. But don’t get too excited, only 210 were made of this limited edition!

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