Introducing a Watch for Your BlackBerry

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If you are one of the millions of people who literally could not survive without their BlackBerry, then you may be very interested in its new side kick in the form of a watch.Blackberry watch

You must in essence “qualify” for this new watch whose official name is the Allerta InPulse Bluetooth companion watch and is named so, because you must already use a blue tooth with your BlackBerry phone.

This new gadget acts as an extension of your BlackBerry; kind of like a dashboard that sits on your wrist. It can’t make phone calls or write text messages but it can give you a heads-up of incoming caller ID info, text messages and e-mail headers. You can also receive calendar and Twitter updates via SMS. The Allerta does not have any speakers or microphones so if you see that a call is coming in, you will have to turn your blue tooth on or pick up your BlackBerry in order to start talking. Oh, and it will tell you what time it is and looks kind of cool as well.

Blackberry watch on wristThe Allerta is not waterproof but can withstand some raindrops and it does stay charged for four days, which is pretty good considering you have to charge you phone at least once a day. Here is a technical and physical description:

* 1.3″ full colour organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) display
* Bluetooth® v2.0+EDR
* 150 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
* Glass lens and full metal body
* 22mm interchangeable wrist band
* Vibrating motor
* Micro-USB port (for charging)
* Over-the-air firmware updates
* Dimensions: 51mm height x 38mm width x 12mm depth

Allerta will communicate with any BlackBerry that runs on OS 4.3 or above via a free companion application.

This watch is made in Canada and will be available in stores come February but can be preordered now directly from Allerta and costs $150.

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