Feel Free with the Navigator 2.0 Watch

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The Navigator 2.0 is made by Freestyle, a young, hip watch brand that came about in the 80’s and creates durable watches for those that do extreme sports like skate boarding, snowboarding, biking, skiing, mountain biking and more.Freestyle Navigator 2.0

Freestyle is mostly known for making diving watches that are water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet) and many watches by Freestyle have that punk rock, 80’s look to them.

The Navigator 2.0 is less funky looking, in fact it’s all black, but employs a technology exclusive to Freestyle called Free Fit technology. The strap is made out of a mesh-like material and allows the wearer to buckle the watch anywhere along the mesh material (no pre-made holes) that ensures a perfect fit for your wrist. This is particularly important when doing extreme sports, as you can’t have a loose or ill-fitting watch.

Other cool features of the Navigator 2.0 include all the necessary features of a reliable sports watch like time/date, timers, three alarms, a 30 lap memory chronograph, and a compass.   The compass is so accurate that is has a declination adjustment, 16 cardinal directions and 1-degree resolution, which basically means that if you have absolutely no sense of direction you will not get lost.

Freestyle Navigator bandAlthough technically a men’s watch, the Navigator is not that big. The face measures about ¾ of an inch across, making it comfortable for women as well. The buttons on the side do not poke out, as most do, which prevents them from digging into your wrist but also makes it slightly harder to push when you’re trying to set the timer, etc.

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