Discount Watches, Let’s Make A Deal

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Shopping Wisely Can Save You Money

Ok, let’s go shopping.  Sound like fun, right?  Well, it can be, but shopping on the web can also be confusing…that’s where I come in.  Today we’re looking for discount watches, and trust me when I tell you, the deals are out there.  You just have to know where to look and what you’re looking for.  I feel as though I’m always putting up warning signs, and sometimes I am.  It’s just that, even though shopping on the internet is safe and convenient, in many ways it’s very similar to getting in your car and driving from shop to shop…and we can forget that.

Every site will have different prices, various shipping options, sales tax incentives, etc…let me give an example.

I have great respect for Oris watches.  I think they are incredibly well-made and have some very interesting design elements.  I located the Oris Men’s Chronograph Titanium Diver.  This is a fantastic Oris watch.  It is made from an all Titanium case and security buckle, with a durable rubber strap.  It is a professional diver’s watch and is water-resistant to over 3200 feet.  This is a current model that can be found on the Oris website.  It was on discount, for 1810 euro (what does that mean?) sounds like a deal, but when I calculated the conversion…that’s $2400.00. 

Continuing my search, this same timepiece was found on several other sites.  The best price I ended up with was $1599.00.  That’s $800.00 lower than the discount watch I originally found.  Surprised?  Well, the best part is, it only took me 5 minutes to save that cash!  Easier than driving all around town, and better for the environment, too.

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