Cindy Crawford for Omega Watches

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Omega Watches has quite the A-list of celebrity brand Ambassadors. Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman and George Clooney are big names with heavy pull and have been Omega Ambassadors for years and years. Omega has a great relationship with these celebs because they adhere well to the terms of their contracts and always show up for in-person store opening, new watch collection launches, etc.cindy crawford

A few weeks ago it was Nicole Kidman who was in New York for an event at the Omega store and this past weekend it was Cindy Crawford who was strutting her stuff for a new collection of Omega women’s watches in London. Crawford has been an Omega ambassador since 1995, longer than any other of the company’s Ambassadors. Not only does she do advertising campaigns, she is also hosts events and participates in product design, lending her sense of fashion and model input to finishing touches and more.

When the spotlight is on one of the world’s best known super models it’s hard to keep the conversation off of her and on the, in this case, watch that she is promoting, but Crawford did it by answering certain questions quickly and then returning the focus to the event.

Conversation turned to her famous mole and how over the years it has grown bigger, prompting concern about cancer. When Crawford became a super model in the 1980’s her mole was the size of a freckle; it’s now larger and protrudes above the surface of the skin.

Dermatologists recommend annual body checks of all moles to monitor shape, size and color. The now 43 year old Crawford says she is doing this but admitted that “it’s not something I really like to talk about. But I do now get this and all my moles checked out every year as a matter of course. Of course it should be an issue we all have to take seriously.”

omega constellation womenThe topic of her famous mole came about in London when she was at a launch party for the 2009 Omega Constellation watches. This new line has her name on it and she was involved in the actual design of the watch. This is what she has to say about the silver Constellation watch with diamonds inside and outside the face that was on her wrist: “Yes, they are real diamonds! But it’s still classic and simple. It has a little bit of bling, but not too much so you don’t feel pretentious.”

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