Cartier Santo 100, Titanium Treasure

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Cartier Santos 100, Big Bold, Brilliant


 We all recognize Cartier for their elegant designs and timeless features.  Some of the newer Cartier watches, especially in the men’s collections, take a bit of a different approach.  The delicate styles are replaced with some more adventurous interpretations.  One such men’s watch is the Santos 100 Carbon by Cartier.  This large model men’s timepiece is strong, made from materials like stainless-steel and Titanium.  The steel casing is in a satin finish and coated with ADLC.  ADLC coating increases thickness, thereby cutting down on wear and tear, and it acts as a barrier to corrosive elements…sand, saltwater, and acids.  This watch has a black, square-shaped dial, with Roman numerals, covered by a sapphire crystal.  The steel arms and hands are covered in a phosphorescent material.  The Santos 100 comes with a thick black fabric strap.  This unusual design by Cartier was created to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the iconic Santos watches.  The W2020010 Santos 100 men’s watch has some of the classic Cartier styling, but the diverse materials used, and its unusually substantial size give it an edge.  This fantastic Cartier men’s watch goes for around $7.000.  It is a timepiece with history and tradition…and a real work of art.  Get to know more about Cartier, today.

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