Bertolucci Gioco Women’s Luxury Watches

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Why do luxury watch companies make watches that are hard to read and sometimes, actually impossible to read, making it so that you have no idea what time it is?bertolucci-gioco-gold-watch

I don’t really know the answer to that except my guess is that there is always room to impress and many times it’s more about the looks, the movement and the complications, than actually the telling of time. Also, there is always someone out there that wants what no one else has, or in this case, since there are only five of these women’s luxury watches being made, what only four other people can have.

Made by Bertolucci, a watch brand who motto is “Mediterranean inspiration, Swiss craftsmanship,” the watch pictured here is called the Bertolucci Gioco, nicknamed the “Hypno” and comes in a limited edition of only five pieces, either in 18K rose or white gold. These are obviously beautiful designed, highly elegant, exclusive and yes, almost impossible to read; actually just looking at it makes me dizzy. The dials are swirling levels of gold layers that lead down to a mother or peal face. The case measures 42 by 49mm, a large size for a woman’s watch and is mutli-dimensional, which is why it’s so hard to read.

bertolucci-gioco-purpleBertolucci is aware of this and has made a luxury women’s watch that is meant to be worn as a piece of jewelry. The case holds 177 Wesselton cut diamonds equaling 3.85 carats; another version has diamonds on the dial as well as the case and the super high end version contains 527 diamonds covering the entire watch.  Other luxury features about this watch include the small dauphine hands on the face, which are either gold or rhodium plated and the coated sapphire crystal with “Bertolucci” engraved on the lower edge. The watch comes with many different colored leather straps, a gold buckle that matches the crown and runs on a Swiss movement.

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