Authentic Watches Strengthened by Surge in Online Searches

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Authentic WatchesDespite lingering skepticism about the global economy, Internet search engines report a surge of interest in luxury watch brands, with global search volume on the rise for makers of high-end authentic watches.

According to Geneva’s IC Agency World Watch Report, interest in luxury authentic watches has continued to grow, despite a floundering economy.  After analyzing 25 luxury watch manufacturers, the study found that Jaeger LeCoultre, Audmars Piguet and Blancpain were the leading brands being searched online.

The report followed the search trends for some 120 models, including the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso, which accounted for 8.2 percent of total search volume among the group.   This classically designed watch is unique in that its case can be inverted by the wearer and worn on the reverse side, allowing for more versatility and the appearance of owning two watches.  This elegant series of men’s and women’s watches is available in solid gold, two-tone and solid steel, and in either a precision quartz or manual-winding movement.  It is a sign of these economic times that the most popular model of luxury authentic watches being sought out online is also the most practical.

The second most popular model was the Royal Oak, which is made by Audemars Piquet.  Another interesting finding in this study was that over 300,000 people on social networking sites subscribe to the fan pages for popular brands of luxury authentic watches.

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