Swiss Armin Strom Releases Impressive New Generation of Armin Manual Water Watch

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Swiss watchmaker Armin Strom AG presents a new generation of its Armin Manual Water watch, a timepiece attempting to achieve perfection in both the technical and aesthetic components.

The Armin Manual Water watch is part of a collection of four Armin Manual watch models, each representing one of the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. While each of the models shares the same design and functions, they are distinguishable by color, giving each its own personality.

The Armin Manual Water, in this way, evokes a sense of fluidity and clearness, featuring shiny stainless steel on its 43mm case and in its dial, along with some white and bright gold, giving the watch an overall brightness.

Unique to Armin’s Manual watch collection is the watches’ unique design with a slightly off-center time display, sleek numerical markings and a partially open area showing off its mechanical workings. Armin Strom, from whose work the company is based, has been considered an innovator in the field of skeleton watches for decades, bringing to his timepieces a feel of the high-tech and modern, and making them continually interesting to look at. Such is the case for the Armin Manual Water watch, which also incorporates a small subdial ring, bringing together well the watch’s various circular patterns and overall round shape.

The Armin Manual Water watch is further distinguishable from the other models due to its navy blue, ‘hornback’ alligator strap. Recently, the Armin Manual Water was adapted in a special limited edition series of just 40 pieces in celebration of Armin Strom’s sponsorship of the GAC Pindar Sailing Team and the team’s participation in the Extreme Sailing Series. This special edition version of the Armin Manual Water watch features the authentic white canvas of the GAC Pindar catamaran stitched onto its navy blue strap.

The Armin Manual Water Watch lacks the fancy gimmicks commonly found in luxury timepieces, appearing at once simple and aesthetically pleasing, with Armin playing to a modern, design-concerned sensibility. However, with such capabilities as a 120-hour power reserve and an advanced mechanical system, the timepiece does not fail to impress with its high-tech inner workings.

Although Armin Strom AG has only been in existence since 2006, the company is already making a splash in the watch industry with such timepieces as the Armin Manual Water watch, as well as, with the other models of this enticing Manual watch collection. Elegantly melding the aesthetic and technological, the Armin Manual Water watch represents the innovation that has come to mark the future of luxury timepieces.

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