Aniston Wearing Rolex Given to Her by Ex

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Is it okay to still wear a watch or ring that a boyfriend gave you if you’ve broken up? This question is especially sensitive when it comes to engagement rings and broken engagements. Should the woman give the ring back? Or should she keep it? Does it depend on who broke the engagement? I think the state of Florida actually has a law about this that says the ring should be returned to its rightful owner, who in this case would be the guy: the one that paid for it.rolex

Watches, especially costly, luxury watches can easily cost as much or more than an engagement ring and watches are given all the time by those who have the funds to give them as a birthday gift, a get well gift, or for any ol’ reason.

For some reason, celebrities, maybe because they have so much money and half the time don’t know what to do with it, buy each other watches. Rolex seems to be the preferred brand among the rich and famous and it doesn’t seem to matter whether you’ve been going out for a week or a year, it’s common for celebs to give fancy watches.

Jennifer Aniston has all the money in the world and she’s a classy lady. She’s been known to wear vintage Cartier watches but lately has been seen wearing the Rolex that was given to her by then “boy- toy” John Mayer before they broke up. They had an on again, off again romance (for a whole, big four months), but throughout the ups and downs, Aniston had that gold Rolex on her wrist. And now, all of a sudden, it’s back on… the watch that is.  As for the romance, who knows?

The gossip world is wondering if and what this means. A possible reunion? Is she sending Mayer a message? Some say it’s her way of flirting with him. Mayer himself is a collector of Rolex watches, so perhaps she’s trying to show him that they have something in common? A reason to re-connect?

The gossip world would like to think that there’s something brewing.

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  1. Ann Haseman says:

    I greatlyenjoyed reading your post! I love all things antiques, but in preferentially engagement rings.

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