Slyde Watches Becomes Official Watch Sponsor of the European Poker Tour Season 9.

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The poker hands have it at this year’s European Poker Tour Season 9 Main Events, and Slyde Watches has revealed its sleek hand as the Official Watch Sponsor.


Luxury Swiss watch brand HD3 Slyde is sporting a different kind of poker face these days as it has forged a partnership with European Poker Tour and has agreed to be the Official Watch Sponsor of the EPT9 Main Events. In addition to the EPT9 prizes six lucky winners will also be presented with “Black and Steel” design HD3 Slyde watches.


Mikalai Pobal, Main Event Champion of the EPT9 Barcelona Tournament has already claimed his hefty €1.007.550 check and of course his prestigious “Black and Steel” HD3 Slyde watch. Pobal (a.k.a. “leanod” – his online poker handle) celebrates his impressive win noting it marked his first win and participation in the European Poker Tournament. Needless to say Pobal will not only be holding cards and sporting a winner’s poker face, but he’ll do so wearing his new HD3 Slyde watch. Congratulations go out to Mikalai Pobal for his impressive win.


Both EPT President Edgar Stuchly and creator of Slyde Jorg Hysek welcomed the opportunity to partner for Season 9 of the tour, as well as the opportunity to present EPT winners with Slyde watches as part of their prize winnings. Hysek also commented on their partnership drawing parallels to both organizations with regards to their “forward thinking and innovation.”


Slyde is the best innovative out-of-the-box technological watch created and produced by luxury Swiss watch manufacturer HD3 . Slyde has successfully married “intuitive technologies” with horological design to produce an enviable timepiece. Slyde has a touch screen sapphire crystal and houses a cutting-edge graphic engine with a simplified navigation system. It offers the first virtual mechanical movem
ent ever designed thanks in part to a micro-controller which processes hundreds of images per second. The most incredible feature of the Slyde watch is its ability to download software, upgrades, functionality and pictures from HD3 – Slyde Shop, making it the most evolutionary luxury watch on the market.EPT9 Main Event winners can look forward to phenomenal cash prizes and a personalized Slyde watches that displays “Champion EPT 9…” and specific tournament site. The winner of the and Monte Carlo® Casino European Tour Grand Final will receive a “Black and Rose Gold” version of the Sldye watch. It may actually pay off to take up learning the game of poker just for the Slyde watch alone!

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