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Five Celebrities and Their Favorite Watches

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Five Celebrities and Their Favorite Watches

One sign of a celebrity’s fame is the kind of watch they wear. Rolex or Christian Dior on a celebrity’s wrist means they’ve made it to the “million dollar club.” Timex means they haven’t. Most celebs have a favorite luxury watch that they love to wear or endorse, gaining publicity for themselves and the watch brand.

Here is a list of five celebrities and the watches that they love to wear and endorse:


Diane Kruger Jaeger LeCoultre Rendezvous

Diane Kruger is brand ambassador for Jaeger LeCoultre

Diane Kruger – Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendezvouz Ladies Watch

Diane Kruger has been brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Jauger-LeCoultre since 2009. She wears the Rendezvous ladies watch. Available in pink-gold or stainless steel, the watch exudes a feminine elegance that was inspired by Diane Kruger. Says the brand on its official website: “Her innate grace, her cosmopolitan spirit and her choices inspired the feminine world of Jaeger-LeCoultre.” This watch is truly beautiful, with a diamond-set illuminated bezel, 1930s Art Deco inspired numerals set upon a guilloché dial, and a sapphire crystal case-back.


Jennifer Aniston's Yellow Gold Rolex Datejust

Jennifer Aniston loves her yellow gold Rolex Datejust


Jennifer Aniston – Rolex Datejust

It is well known in Hollywood that Jennifer Aniston is a “Rolex-only” kind of girl. There are hundreds of pictures of her out on the town with a Rolex on her wrist. Although she has been photographed wearing a black Rolex Daytona, it is clear that her yellow gold Rolex Datejust is her favorite. Her Rolex Day-Date is an 18-carat yellow gold piece with a fluted bezel and a champagne colored dial.





Leonardo DiCaprio wearing TAG Heuer

Leonardo DiCaprio is brand ambassador for TAG Heuer



Leonardo DiCaprio – TAG Heuer Carrera

Brand Ambassador for “Swiss avant-garde” watch manufacturer TAG Heuer, Leonardo DiCaprio loves to sport the TAG Heuer Carrera timepiece. With a Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph powering the watch, it’s a perfect match for motor racing and other fast-paced sports. Both DiCaprio and TAG Heuer share a common goal of environmental sustainability.






Charlize Theron wears Christion Dior VII

Charlize Theron wears Christian Dior VII watch



Charlize Theron – Christian Dior VII

Charlize Theron has moved from the ads of Christian Dior’s “J’adore” perfume to the Christian Dior VII watch. This watch is extravagant to the extreme. With a white ceramic and steel casing and diamonds set into an opaline and silver dial, it’s hard to decide which is more beautiful – the watch or Charlize Theron.





Kate Winslet wears Longines Dolcevita

Kate Winslet is brand ambassador for Longines Dolcevita

Kate Winslet – Longines Dolcevita

Kate Winslet has Longines “ambassadress of Elegance” since 2010.  Swiss watch brand Longines, established in 1832, has had many celebrity ambassadors including tennis player Andre Agassi, Australian actor Simon Baker, and Indian Beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, but it could be argued that Kate Winslet is the most elegant face to wear their watches. She wears the Longines Dolcevita, an elegantly designed timepiece that was inspired by the easy-going Italian way of life – la dolce vita. Everything about this watch has femininity to it: its rectangular stainless steel and pink gold case and bracelet, its tear drop hour markers, and pink hour and minute hands.




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TAG Heuer Beats Out Competition

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What Does Your TAG Heuer Say About You?

A watch on a man’s wrist is much more than a device for keeping time, it has turned into a fashion statement, as well as a reflection of one’s personality and level of success.  TAG Heuer has long been regarded as one of the industries leaders in sport luxury watches, producing some of the most creative and innovative chronographs, around.  Their styling is appreciated by watch enthusiasts across the globe, and this is why TAG Heuer is among the best selling men’s watch brands in the world.  Facing tough competition, like Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Cartier, Invicta, and Fossil, TAG Heuer holds their own, in the race to make the best sport luxury watch.  This Swiss watch maker is highly sought after, and created their first ever chronograph, back in 1882.  Since then, TAG has been on a tireless mission to improve on their watches, offering advanced technology and avant-garde styling.  Watch connoisseurs consider TAG Heuer timepieces to be a great investment, noting that the TH look is unique and well crafted.  Wearing the right TH on your wrist will let others in on your personality and your lifestyle, and can be seen as a barometer with which to gauge your accomplishments.  Make your personal fashion statement, through your choice of TAG.

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TAG Heuer’s New Ambassador, Chandhok

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TAG Heuer's Ambassador to India, Karun Chandhok

TAG Heuer’s luxury sport watch line is well respected in the high stakes world of racing, for their accuracy.  This is a tough crowd, who demand perfection.  There is little to no room for error in timing a racing event, and that’s where TAG Heuer’s perfection shines.  In May of 2010, TAG announced that Formula One driver, Karun Chandhok of India would join their illustrious group of Ambassadors.  This newest edition of brand Ambassador will make his initial appearance on May 19th, at the TAG Heuer 150 year anniversary event.  The celebration will be held in New Delhi, India and is sure to create a stir. 

An intense dedication to excellence is a TAG Heuer trait, and that characteristic is modeled in Chandhok.  The driver joins the Formula One racing team at the tender age of 26, accomplishing something most drivers dream of, but few ever achieve.  The TAG Heuer name has a long standing reputation of quality performance, and commitment to value.  They continue to recognize talented individuals in the sports world, and align themselves with them.  This partnership seem to be the perfect fit, not unlike the other Formula One Ambassadors; Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Ayrton Senna, and Alain Prost.  TAG Heuer, expect the very best.

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TAG Heuer… Busted

Written by Debbie. Posted in TAG Heuer

For how long have we been hearing about the upcoming 150th TAG Heuer anniversary? For a long time is the answer.  To celebrate this event, TAG has been making all kinds of publicity noise to draw attention to its watches. One of the big, recent claims to fame is the long awaited and super complicated new movement “developed” by TAG called the Calibre 1887. tag-heuer-caliber-1887

Well, just as Tiger Woods (Ambassador of TAG watches) got busted, now TAG is busted also. Turns out the new automatic Calibre 1887 is not their creation, but that of Seiko and TAG simply gave it a cosmetic “face lift.” Seiko designed this caliber ten years ago, called the Seiko 6S37. Apparently there was a behind the doors agreement with Seiko that no one knew about, so that legally TAG covered its tracks, but in terms of publicity, this is all pretty much a lie.

And thanks to the Internet community, you now know about it also. Word spreads fast on the Web and this can certainly be good or bad. Serious watch lovers noticed the similarities between the two calibers and brought word to the forefront; TAG CEO Jean-Christophe Babin himself had the face the music and went online to say that his company had made a “mistake” and had actually “adopted” the movement from Seiko.

Perhaps the only winner here is Tiger Woods who has a good case now to petition TAG for keeping him on as an Ambassador, as they’re both accused of wrong doing and lying to the public.

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The New Calibre 1887 by TAG Heuer

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The calibers that run the watches are not always as exciting to look at or talk about as the watches themselves but without them there would be no watch to look at. TAG_Caliber1887

TAG Heuer has been in the news a lot lately, due to the drama packed Tiger Woods issue, but the company is most definitely trying to bring its focus back to what it does best: watchmaking.

Gearing up for its 150th anniversary, TAG is making a couple of new announcements, one of which is the development of its new in-house manufactured chronograph movement; the Caliber 1887. The number has not been randomly chosen; it refers to the year during which the company (known only as Heuer) created “an oscillating pinion which would prove revolutionary to the construction of chronograph mechanisms in general.”

The Calibre 1887 has been in the works for four years and has cost TAG over 20 million Swiss Francs (the equivalent of about $19 million dollars). According to a press statement from Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of TAG Heuer , “the bridges, mainplate and other key movement parts are manufactured in TAG Heuer’s Cornol site by ultra-modern CNC machines. Complete movements are assembled in a dust-free environment in TAG Heuer’s newest manufacturing wing in La Chaux-de-Fonds, again using the benefits of the most modern technology to significantly automate the process. The resulting product promises to set an ideal balance between significant production levels, functional reliability, and superior horological quality.”

The caliber, which measures 7.1mm in height and with a diameter of 29.3 mm, is self-winding and can drive the watch from 40-50 hours. “A bridge with distinctive cutaway sections reveals the most important and technically fascinating parts of the mechanism, including the distinctive double lever and a visually dominant blued column wheel which precisely controls the start, stop and return to zero sequences.”

This new caliber will not replace the use of others that the company uses, such as those by Zenith, ETA and Dubois-Depraz, in TAG watches.

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TAG Heuer Dumps Tiger

Written by Debbie. Posted in TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer and Tiger Woods were once a match made in heaven. TAG Heuer is a luxury watch brand that has been creating a strong brand of sports watches and chronographs since 1860 and Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world. But due to the growing scandal surrounding Tiger’s infidelities it may be that TAG and Tiger are no longer. tag-heuer-tiger-woods

Tiger’s endorsement deals are what have made him a rich man; he’s worth a reported $1 billion dollars. Aside from his athletic gift he has always been attractive to sponsors because his image has been so clean cut. On the TAG Heuer official website it clearly makes this connection saying:  “it is both his character and his achievements that make Tiger Woods unique. His personal obsession with results and perfection, his ability to withstand pressure, to meet expectations and exceed them, but also his love of discipline – all this makes him a natural partner for the brand.” Will TAG dump Tiger? The question remains.

“What sponsors don’t want to happen is what is happening now,” says William Chipps of the IEG Sponsorship Report, a biweekly publication that provides analysis for sponsors. “He’s letting the story spiral out of control. That’s a roller coaster that his sponsors don’t want to go on.”

Gatorade, another sponsor of Tiger’s, has already pulled the plug and people are taking note that commercials featuring Tiger are not being aired. In fact, the last time a Woods ad aired during prime time was November 29 (two days after his now famous car crash); the commercial was a 30-second spot for Gillette.

A comparable incident happened with Michael Phelps when he was photographed smoking pot; Omega watches stood by him when other sponsors like Wheaties (General Mills) dropped him. In hindsight maybe this was a bad move since people with the munchies may have ended up eating more Wheaties, “The Breakfast of Champions”.

And who knows, during these times of declining watch sales, it’s possible that this bad press could actually up watch sales. There is a saying that “there is no such thing as bad press.” Perhaps TAG Heuer will look to Omega for advice on how to handle this delicate situation.

UPDATE: Over the weekend TAG Heuer announced that it would stand by The Tiger during these hard times.

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The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Watch is Coming

Written by Debbie. Posted in News

For those who are fans of TAG watches get ready because the long awaited TAG Heuer Monaco V4 watch is coming … in November 2009.

TAG is timing the release of this watch to coincide with the company’s 150 year anniversary. The Monaco V4 will be the world’s first mechanical watch with a “belt-driven movement and linear winding mass.” This watch, which will be produced in a very limited edition of only 150 pieces, has been in the making for five years.TAG Heuer Monaco V4

It’s taken this long for the concept to become a functioning reality. No watch company has ever yet to do what TAG does with the Monaco V4, which is a complete replacement of the usual gears and pinions used in mechanical movements, and replacing them with belt drives and ball bearings. The winding system too has seen a total make-over, replacing the typical centralized circular rotor with a linear winding mass.

The Monaco V4 brings new technical and design elements to the forefront of watchmaking. TAG Heuer employed 3D design experts, automotive engineers, chemists, mathematicians and others in the development process and while doing so, received two global patents for the Monaco V4. To give you an idea of how complex the inner workings of this watch are, take the belts used in the movement; each belt, of which there are five, are about as big as a human hair, making the integration of them seemingly impossible.

These watches, all of which are cased in platinum, take their name from the shape of the movement’s central plate, which is similar to the cylinders in a car. To highlight this amazing new movement, TAG created an equally cool and innovative case that measures 40.5mm.

Of course, the name Monaco has been used by TAG watches before, when it created the watch worn by Steve McQueen in the classic race car film “Le Mans.”

Each of these 150 limited edition Monaco V4 watches are assembled by genius TAG Heuer watchmaker Denis Badin. According to TAG Heuer, the Monaco V4 will retail for the princely sum of about $97,614.56.

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