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A History of Raymond Weil

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All though a fairly new company, Raymond Weil has established itself as one of the world’s finest watch makers.
The company takes its name from its founder Raymond Weil.

Weil, born in 1926 in Geneva Switzerland, joined the Geneva watch company at the age of 23. By 1976 when the watch industry was on a decline, Weil started his own company.

Raymond Weil used his experience to build his company over the years. Incorporating other family members into the company like his son-in-law, Oliver Bernheim. With an increased workforce both loyal and devoted, the Weil brand re-inspired the watch industry.
Weil marketed the brand along with cultural influences. Like their Amadeus collection released in 1983 along with the famous movie.
The Weil brand continued to adapt to changes in society, creating new and unique designs for both men and women.

1976: Raymond Weil creates the company
1982: Weil’s son in law joins the company (Oliver Bernheim).
1983: The Amadeus collection launched
1986: Othello collection released
1988: Traviata collection released
1991: Parsaifal collection released
1994: Precision Movements campaign consolidated with Raymond Weil
1996: W1 collection released
1999: The Celebrate the Movement campaign consolidated with Raymond Weil
2001-03: New Othello and Parsaifal collections
2006: Weil’s grandsons join the company (Elie and Pierre Bernheim)
2009: Ladies Noemia collection
2010: Maestro collection released

The Greatest contribution to the watch world that Raymond Weil has given is itself. The founder started the company at a time when the watch industry seemed to be dying out. The company proved that if you could create luxurious watches both unique and simple then you could survive. Weil watches are neither over the top in design nor bland and unoriginal. They can be worn anytime of the day and on any occasion, both formal or informal. The brands success proves that a watch company can be succesfull even if their watches are simple in design.

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Raymond Weil Taps The India Market

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Raymond Weil's Global Success

It was 30 years ago, when Raymond Weil first introduced themselves to India.  Today, the fast growing economy of India offers enormous potential for the Swiss watch maker.  The India market is the perfect atmosphere for Raymond Weil to place their focus, and that is exactly what they are doing.  RW has recently established a subsidiary in India and by June of 2010 is operating three specialty watch boutiques there.  The founder, Raymond Weil recognized the importance of building a solid relationship with India, many years ago, and set out to make a name there.  One of their signature boutiques is run with the cooperation of Kamal watch Company.  Kamal is a family owned watch maker, like Raymond Weil.  Their personal approach to watch making is the perfect match for RW, and Kamal is a well established company in India.  The new boutique is in the city of Hyderbad Nizam, and was opened of June 11, 2010.  The celebrated boutique opening drew the attention of many celebrities from the sports and entertainment worlds.  Raymond Weil’s passion for watch making is well respected among their peers, and their values are admired, as well.  Their hope is that their efforts in India will have big pay offs in the future.

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Raymond Weil Is Singing A Sweet Tune

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American Idol Contestants Wear Raymond Weil

It seems like everywhere you look, you see a Raymond Weil reminder.  It is this watch makers intent to become the most sought after luxury watch brand in the world, and they are going to achieve that, by being everywhere, on every wrist.  Not only are they planning more extensive global expansion this year, they are making their way to Hollywood, and even on to one of the states most watched television show, American Idol.  During the final weeks of the competition, American Idol contestants Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox, and Casey James were seen sporting some of the Raymond Weil favorites. 

Down-home rocker, Casey James chose the Don Giovanni Cosi Grande watch.  This is a tank style piece, fitted with a black leather strap, totally suiting his style.  Crystal Bowersox made the Noemia her watch.  The Noemia watch for Crystal featured a black Mother-of-Pearl dial, with polished steel case.  The watch was matched with a leather bracelet, in black, and was completely lit up with 64 luxurious diamonds.  The winner of American Idol, DeWyze was seen wearing the RW Freelancer.  This large steel watch is an automatic chronograph.  It is presented on a brown leather strap, and was the watch Raymond Weil featured in its National Ad campaign this year.  Raymond Weil is making their way…one wrist at a time.

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Raymond Weil Explores India

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Raymond Weil Opens Boutiques in India

The Hindu, India’s on-line version of their National newspaper, announced this week, that Raymond Weil will be making efforts to strengthen its brand name in the country.  Raymond Weil was a trailblazer in the Indian market 30 years ago.  They were among the first Swiss luxury watch manufacturers to tap into the Indian market, and are planning to broaden that presence in the near future.  With India’s fast growing economy, this focus seems to be a recipe for success.  In the next 5 to 10 years India will become one of the three key markets in the world, along with the United States and China.  The Raymond Weil Company is scheduled to open a specialty boutique in Hyderabad and other specific cities.  RW already has luxury boutiques in New Delhi and Kamal, and the new shops are well received by clients and watch enthusiasts, abroad. 

Not only is the Swiss watch maker planning boutiques in India, they have set up shop there, as well.  RW is opening its very own additional facility in Bangalore.  The president, Olivier Berheim is quite optimistic about the company’s expansion into India.  Given their previous successes…I’m inclined to side with him.  Let’s face it, Raymond Weil makes a quality timepiece, and they do it affordably…the whole world should know about this treasure.

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Raymond Weil, A Stand Out Brand

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Raymond Weil Boutique Opening

2010 will prove to be a very hectic year for the Raymond Weil Company.  These Swiss watch makers, and savvy businessmen are going for a global presence this year, and will stop at nothing to get their name noticed.  Already having a solid 10 year relationship with China, Raymond Weil will attempt a point of growth sales increase from 88 to 135, by the end of 2010.  Opening new boutiques in the most important commercial hubs the country has to offer, will push these efforts forward.  Expanding their brand awareness in Saudi Arabia will also play a key factor for the luxury watch makers.  In March of this year, RW opened a specialty boutique in the heart of the city of Al Khobar.  The bustling Al Rashid shopping center is the location of this latest boutique, and may prove to be one of the most popular and successful.  Their courageous expansion efforts in China, The Middle East, and India are certain to give the Raymond Weil brand name a boost in recognition, and the media coverage they are receiving won’t hurt, either.  Raymond Weil is not sitting in a corner, waiting to be noticed…they are demanding attention, and it’s paying off.  In a time, where other watch makers are struggling, Raymond Weil is striving and thriving.

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Twitter About Raymond Weil

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Raymond Weil Spreads The News On Twitter

It’s clear that Raymond Weil is not a sit back and let things happen on their own, type of company.  No, this Swiss watch maker is writing their history, their way.  The independent attitude driving these innovative crafters, proves that they are savvy businessmen, as well as master watch makers.  Their watch designs range from the traditional and classic, to the out of this world, but they are smart enough to know that unless you get your name out there…what difference does it make how great your products are?  The executive staff at Raymond Weil has always had a forward thinking attitude, when it comes to building their brand name.  Joining the new wave of on line communicators, you can now stay in the loop with all of the Raymond Weil news and updates, via facebook and twitter.  Facebook will keep you informed on the most up to date news on the Raymond Weil brand, including press releases, photos, and new models, and on twitter, you can receive quick messages about Raymond Weil news and activities.

This watch maker definitely has a high tech approach toward communication, so join the Raymond Weil community, today…who knows, you may have friends there, already.

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Actress Insults Raymond Weil

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Raymond Weil is Dissapointed With Theron

Hollywood actress and Raymond Weil representative, Charlize Theron may love her Christian Dior watch, but she should only wear it when the cameras are not around.  When she was photographed wearing the Dior timepiece, she ruffled a few feathers at Raymond Weil.  Displaying a watch made by the company’s competitor was more than offensive to the Raymond Weil executives, who ordered Theron to cough up a substantial amount in damages to the luxury watch maker.  Theron entered in to a very profitable endorsement deal with Raymond Weil, and wearing a competitor’s watch severs the terms of her agreement.  Charlize had a contract with the Swiss watch maker to be the face of Raymond Weil for an 11 month period…this “mistake” may cost her as much as $20 million dollars.  Apparently, as reported in a 32 page report from United States District Judge, Colleen McMahon Ms. Theron repeatedly ignored the rules and conditions surrounding her contract.  Lawyers for the actress claim she made an innocent mistake and did not understand the rules of her contract, but RW isn’t buying it.  It seems that Theron wore the Dior watch at a press conference in Texas, where she obviously knew she was going to be photographed.  This unfortunate error in judgment has cost Theron her contract, $20 million dollars, and her respect from Raymond Weil.  Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re above reproach.

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Raymond Weil Club

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Raymond Weil RW Club Travel Guide

Raymond Weil is a quality Swiss watch designer, but is that all they do?  Apparently not, the folks a Raymond Weil offer access to a world of luxurious experiences through their exclusive RW Club.  Just go to the Raymond Weil website and follow the cues to the RW Club.  To sign up, simply enter relevant information, such as your name, address, and e-mail address.  Once a member of the Raymond Weil Club, you will gain access to travel information, galore.  The Raymond Weil travel guide is available to you, upon request, and it is full of information on the finest restaurants, hotels, and museums in the world.  The travel guide focuses its efforts on specifically interesting cities, such as Hong Kong, Istanbul, Barcelona, London, New York, Paris, Beijing, Dubai, Rome, Singapore, and Sydney.  This pocket sized booklet from the RW Club lists valuable information on upcoming events and activities in these cities, as well as first hand knowledge of the hotels and restaurants they endorse.  This first hand knowledge includes specific recommendations of cocktails, appetizers, and main course options.  The descriptions make you feel like you’ve been there before and are coming back for more.  Even more is offered through the RW Club than travel referrals, so hop on line and join the RW Club today.

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Raymond Weil’s Wild Black 8

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Raymond Weil's Freelancer Black 8, Luxuriously Lucky

The newest designs from Raymond Weil are creative and symbolic.  In the creation of the Freelancer Black 8, symbolism abounds.  Raymond Weil is an independent company, with individual views on watch making.  This uniqueness shines through in the personality of the Freelancer Black 8.  The dial is a dreamy interpretation, full of spice and allure.  The number 8 is indicative of the eternal.  The never ending curve of the shape is symbolic of everlasting life.  This powerful novelty watch by Raymond Weil uses the number 8 to display and promote infinite prosperity.  The luckiest number in the universe is the centerpiece for the dial of the Freelancer Black 8.  It is used in an, almost art deco fashion to display the hours, marked by diamonds.  The release of this watch comes on the heels of the companies global expansion project, and is an apropos sign of Raymond Weil’s desire to become infinitely prosperous, themselves.  The privately owned and operated watch maker has come a long way in a very short time.  Using the traditional designs from the past and bringing them, full throttle into the future, with technological advancements and forward thinking designs has pushed Raymond Weil to the front of the pack in just 40 years.  I wonder what the next 40 years will uncover.  Discover Raymond Weil, unveil excellence.

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Raymond Weil Re-Release Of The Parsifal

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Raymond Weil New Parsifal Watch

The Parsifal collection by Raymond Weil was named after Wagner’s final opera.  There’s no denying the mystical appeal of this symbolic collection of timepieces.  The Parsifal was originally released 20 years ago, and its return to Baselworld 2010 was a much anticipated event.  This line of watches re-confirms Raymond Weil’s dedication to remaining true to their convictions.  The designs stay true to the original plan, utilizing that initial blueprint, and improving on it.  Featuring deep black dials paired with soft rose gold bezels, create the luxurious appearance of the Parsifal.  The hours are marked with elegant Roman numerals, which give these watches old world appeal.  The mechanical movements have been enhanced to now offer a 42 hour power reserve, as well as an easy push button control for the chronograph features.  There’s no mistaking the Parsifal’s refined and sophisticated looks.  No detail was overlooked when creating these watches.  The straps are all genuine full skin alligator, which has been finished with a saddle stitching.  The innovation behind the new Parsifal is ingenious, but the look of these watches is where you will see Raymond Weil’s talent truly shine.  Taking classic lines and elements, and altering them in such a wonderful fashion…that’s what makes the new Parsifal watches irresistible.

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