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Panerai to showcase in Dubai

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An exclusive watch from Panerai

A luxury timepiece from Officine Panerai, supporting partner at this year's Dubai International Boat Show

At the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), the Italian luxury watch name Officine Panerai will feature an exhibition showcasing its ‘nautical heritage’.

Panerai was acclaimed a sea relied company when it became the supplier to the Italian Navy of very sophisticated equipment for underwater use. The manufacturing of these high precision devices formed Panerai’s long standing affinity with exploration of the sea.

In Dubai, the company has set  up a show, displaying this affinity with the sea that Panerai holds. Since the luxury watch brand is a supporting partner of DIBS, it’s exhibits will be located in the VIP Majilis, a lounge set aside especially for VIP guests attending the show who are treated to a unique experience and atmosphere. Beautiful and sophisticated exhibits stand proudly displaying selects Panerai watches.

The timepiece manufacturer said that the DIBS is a very prestigious event and many marine enthusiasts attend, making it “the perfect platform for Panerai to share our passion for the sea and showcase our innovative and timeless creation”.

Panerain has been the official sponsor of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge for five years and is continuing to do so this year. The connection the company holds with classic yachts is simple, says the CEO of  Officine Panerai, in that both companies have close linkages to the sea, beauty, history and craftsmanship.

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Panerai Watch A Little Old World Italy

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In 1860 the Florentine watchmaker Guido Panerai made precision pocket watches for the Royal Italian Navy, blending Swiss technology and Italian style.  He received many patents in the timekeeping field and well as for his optical systems.  In the 1930’s he provided the Royal Italian Navy with pocket watches and torpedo sights.

The Radiomir men’s watch was released in 1936 and named for the material used in the face that glows in the dark.  This beautiful cushion-shape style with its unique rung design connection between the strap and case has not changed much since its original design.

In 1993 Panerai offered its watches to the world with the Luminor men’s watch whose dial is composed of two superimposed layers.  The Luminor is guaranteed to 300 meters under water and has its own mechanical hand-wound movement with a transparent caseback.  The Luminor Marina is their 18K gold version, limited edition of 150 pieces.

The Luminor Blackseal watch, engraved with two Italian frogmen on a human torpedo, has a steel cover and the image is also on the dial. 

Richemont bought Panerai in 1997 and evolved the business adding new products to the line and increasing its market share.   Pure simplicity comes to mind in an elegantly-stated manner when you look at a Panerai watch, simply exquisite.

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Protecting the “Swiss-made” Luxury Watch Label

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Switzerland, home to almost each and every luxury watch brand in the world, is seeking tougher rules to protect its “made in Switzerland”

It’s not only luxury watches that the Swiss Government is seeking to protect, it’s all luxury goods made in that country, from cheese and penknives to men’s and women’s luxury watches.

It’s known that when something is labeled “made in Switzerland” consumers are willing to pay for that certification; up to 20% more.

This label along with the white on red Swiss cross logo has been stolen by counterfeit companies looking to produce and sell cheaper version of luxury goods. China is king of this practice and luxury watchmakers like the Swatch Group, Rolex and Richemont, which owns brands like Cartier watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Panerai, among others, are feeling the brunt of this.

To toughen the use of the right to use the “Swiss made” label, the government is proposing that “60% of the manufacturing costs of industrial products are accrued in Switzerland.”

The luxury watch industry currently demands that at least 50% of a timepiece’s mechanics must be made in Switzerland to qualify as “Swiss”, but has already proposed an increase even for itself of 80%.

When shopping for a luxury watch its critical to make sure that the watch is certified and comes with a trackable serial number. However, it also pays to realize that one need not purchase a men’s or women’s luxury watch from the brand’s boutique or another retailer; there are many online sellers that offer the real deal at less expensive prices.

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Porsche Family Donates Luxury Watches

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The actual, real Porsche family must be large and generous because members recently donated 49 women’s luxury watches and men’s watches to London-based auctioneer Bonhams. All proceeds from these sales will go to benefit the Oncology Research Department of the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany.Porsche_logo

If you look at the Porsche logo you’ll notice that the name Stuttgart is emblazoned on it; that’s because although many people may mistake this luxury automobile manufacturer to be Italian, its origins are German and the company is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Some of the luxury watches that were sold came from well-known brands like Panerai, Eterna, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Breitling, Omega Watches and even some from the watch branch of Porsche called Porsche Design. The estimated total value for these 49 watches is about $170,000.

Panerai watches are some of the most coveted in the watch industry. They are not mass produced and only recently have become commonly available in the U.S. Their extra large faces and simple, classic designs have made them extremely popular men’s watches.

porschedesignwatchTAG Heuer is the one watch brand that has a partnership with Porsche and produces a Carrera and Grand Carrera line. Panerai has a partnership with Ferrari, while Breitling and Bentley have joined hands.

Breitling is a brand that has been around for a long time and although started out and remains dedicated to producing men’s watches for aviation pilots, Breitling watches have become quite the status symbol as well.

Audemars Piguet, Omega watches and Jaeger LeCoultre are other brands which all have strong footing in the luxury watch world and will be hot items at this auction which takes place on December 2, 2009.

Aside from luxury watches, there will be other items for sale; the full list totals 280 items. Although the auction will take place in London you can register online at

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Kayne West Gets a Bad Rap… Will Rolex Also?

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If you haven’t by now heard about or seen a clip of Kayne’s ridiculous and rude outburst last night at MTV’s 2009 Video Music Awards, you will soon enough. Who does he think he is? His interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for “Best Female Video”, to say that Beyonce had (and deserved) the best female video, was super rude and definitely had racial overtones to it (Taylor is a white girl that sings country music).kanye

It may have been a pathetic attempt to get attention for himself or simply to humiliate Taylor Swift; whatever the reason was, he deserves to be trampled by the press, which he is. Some are saying he was drunk, as he was seen chugging a bottle of Hennessey prior to his rude outburst.

Kayne, a self-proclaimed fashionista, is a fan of Rolex watches. Last night he had on a gold watch, most likely a Rolex. This past summer Kayne made the comment that Rolex would be his signature watch brand.

One of the Rolex watches that he prefers is a customized Rolex Submariner known as the “Black Out” version, saying “It’s a new take on a classic watch.”

The “Black Out” concept is applied to other luxury goods as well as watches. Founded in 2007 by Fabrice Letellier, the idea was born this collector of luxury watches, cars and more, gave some of his “hot wheels”   and his Rolex watch matte black treatments:  blacking them out (as seen here in the photograph). The trend caught on and Letellier started contracting out with high-end watch brands like Rolex, Panerai, Bell & Ross and Audemars Piguet.  He uses PVD and DLC (diamond-like carbon, two low-friction, scratch-proof finishes to coat the watches.

Now, back to Kayne. Even his apology to Taylor Swift and her family (through his blog) was fake; he write” I’m soooo sorry.” Nothing more than a drunken ramble if you ask me. Even though he said Taylor was “talented”, he still said that Beyonce’s video was “the best video of the decade” and basically said that he had every right to express himself, proclaiming “I’m real.”

Ugh. Enough. Let him drag himself down. I’m sure that Rolex, who seems to be the preferred luxury watch brand by most celebrities (see our post about the well-behaved and very polite Jay Z and his Rolex Masterpiece) and gets much free press from those who love and wear the watches, is crossing its fingers hoping that Kayne’s association with the brand doesn’t give it a bad rap.

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