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Omega, Perfection In Design

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Omega Movements Made History


Omega views watchmaking as an art, and has for the past 160 years.  Omega innovators have enhanced the world of watchmaking with their creations, continually astounding us with new technology, marking a solid place for themselves in this industry.  From the early days Omega’s brilliant artisans produced some very special movements, like the Calibers 19”, 1894.  This renowned caliber, ingenuously designed by Francois Chevillat was described with one word, “perfection”.  The blueprint of this famous design has lived on, and been used by the world’s finest watchmakers.  Thought to be the final step in watchmaking technology, at the time, the movement was named after the last letter in the Greek language, and from there, the Omega name was born.  The Omega movements that Chevillat went on to create were as beautifully adorned inside as the watches were outside.  The Omega 19” Grade DDR was developed in 1905.  It was equipped with 23 jewels, including diamonds and rubies.  This silver/nickel movement had diamonds atop the barrel arbour, and a cross end and stop stones, which were diamond set.  Along with the diamonds and rubies, the movement was crafted of gold, with gold collets and balance screws.  

Of course, these designs were only the beginnings of what would be a long and legendary history, which makes up Omega.  Omega watches, perfect.

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Omega’s New Colorful Constellation Watches

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Omega Watches In Color


If you’re searching for a beautiful and well-made timepiece, look no further than Omega watches.  Omega is a trusted name because they consistently create precision watches.  One of their newest additions to their Constellation line is a watch I believe you will adore.  The Constellation Quartz 35 MM women’s watch by Omega is stunning.  This watch features Quartz precision movement and is finished with a rhodium plating.  It has a power reserve that will endure for up to 25 months, but you don’t’ have to count the months…Omega has place an end of battery life indicator for your convenience.  The case is shiny stainless-steel and this watch comes with a domed, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, with an anti-reflective coating on the inside.  Of course, the Constellation is brightened by sparkling diamonds encircling the dial, and also in graduated sizes as hour indicators.  This Omega watch is Swiss made precision quality, but what drew me to it is the beautiful deep eggplant color that Omega has presented it in.  The bracelet is purple alligator leather, and Omega has matched the dial in the same color.  It’s truly a stunning combination to me, but if purple isn’t your taste, you can pick this Omega watch up in teal blue or snow white…all gorgeous.

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Omega Watches Speedmaster is NASA-Certified for Spaceflight

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When it comes to men’s watches, there is nothing that says “serious watch” more than Omega watches.  The company behind the watch that was worn on the first moon landing has done it again.  Omega’s 50th Anniversary Speedmaster is an exact replica of the watch of the watch that NASA supplied to each of the Apollo astronauts.  It is even manually wound, just like the original.  This watch sold quite well between 1957 and 1966 as the Omega “Speedmaster” and later as the “Speedmaster Professional”.

Today’s Omega watches offer up the latest generation of amazing precision and ruggedness, just like they always have.  Take the Omega Speedmaster, for exaomega watches speedmastermple (Ref. #311.  This men’s watch has is made of stainless steel and has a manual winding mechanism at its heart.  It is exactly like the one worn on the moon, and is even engraved with the NASA emblem, noting its flight qualification for all manned space missions.

This chronograph is distinctively masculine and quite powerful as well, with a 12-hour, 30 minute and 1/10 of a second subdial and rugged steel construction.  Its domed, anti-reflective case is scratch proof and water resistant up to 100 meters, and the large round case gives it the look and feel of a navigator’s watch, complete with a tachymeter on the bezel.

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Omega Raises Constellation Collection

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In 2009, Omega watches went out with a bang. The company secured a gig to sponsor the Olympic Winter Games (starting in February) and updated the Constellation collection for women, one of its only offerings of jewelry watches.

The new Constellation series (pictured here) are beautifully decorated, with diamonds adorning the bezel, dial, hour markers and being part of the “supernova” pattern. The bracelet as well became smoother and more seamless; this being one of the principal characteristics of Omega Constellation watches. The cases are made from gold, two-tone, or stainless steel and color options range from steel to purple, champagne and black and white, while sizes vary from 24, 27, 31, and 35, to 38mm.

Cindy Crawford, an Omega Ambassador since 1995, has always promoted women’s watches from the Constellation collection and is frequently seen wearing one; so it made sense that Omega would raise this collection to be its flagship women’s watch.

In keeping with a largely popular style trend to emerge from 2009, Omega now offers this watch with a rubber strap (seen in second image). Matching diamonds and rubber is a hot new look, allowing the watch to be fancy yet cool / casual at the same time.

Prices for these new watches range from a couple thousand of dollars all the way to $15,000, for the top of the line models.

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TAG Heuer Dumps Tiger

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TAG Heuer and Tiger Woods were once a match made in heaven. TAG Heuer is a luxury watch brand that has been creating a strong brand of sports watches and chronographs since 1860 and Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world. But due to the growing scandal surrounding Tiger’s infidelities it may be that TAG and Tiger are no longer. tag-heuer-tiger-woods

Tiger’s endorsement deals are what have made him a rich man; he’s worth a reported $1 billion dollars. Aside from his athletic gift he has always been attractive to sponsors because his image has been so clean cut. On the TAG Heuer official website it clearly makes this connection saying:  “it is both his character and his achievements that make Tiger Woods unique. His personal obsession with results and perfection, his ability to withstand pressure, to meet expectations and exceed them, but also his love of discipline – all this makes him a natural partner for the brand.” Will TAG dump Tiger? The question remains.

“What sponsors don’t want to happen is what is happening now,” says William Chipps of the IEG Sponsorship Report, a biweekly publication that provides analysis for sponsors. “He’s letting the story spiral out of control. That’s a roller coaster that his sponsors don’t want to go on.”

Gatorade, another sponsor of Tiger’s, has already pulled the plug and people are taking note that commercials featuring Tiger are not being aired. In fact, the last time a Woods ad aired during prime time was November 29 (two days after his now famous car crash); the commercial was a 30-second spot for Gillette.

A comparable incident happened with Michael Phelps when he was photographed smoking pot; Omega watches stood by him when other sponsors like Wheaties (General Mills) dropped him. In hindsight maybe this was a bad move since people with the munchies may have ended up eating more Wheaties, “The Breakfast of Champions”.

And who knows, during these times of declining watch sales, it’s possible that this bad press could actually up watch sales. There is a saying that “there is no such thing as bad press.” Perhaps TAG Heuer will look to Omega for advice on how to handle this delicate situation.

UPDATE: Over the weekend TAG Heuer announced that it would stand by The Tiger during these hard times.

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Omega Watches Opens New Store

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Omega has a long history as being the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games and part of this partnership is that Omega has to come out with cool new designs every two years as well as open new boutiques so that people have actual access to Omega watches in whichever city is hosting the Olympic Games. These 2010 Games marks the 24th time that Omega is the official timekeeper. omega_vancouver_store

Next up are the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, hence Omega’s new and first storefront in this country. The store opened last Friday in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel and features watches from $2,000 to as much as $400,000, but Omega brand president Gregory Swift expects the “heart” of the collection will be in the $5,000-to-$10,000 range. Included in this selection of Omega men’s watches and Omega women’s watches will be some limited edition Vancouver 2010 watches.

Omega hopes to generate millions of dollars in the four months that this new retail location will be open (it will close at the end of March 2010) and the company is putting all sorts of resources into facilitating watch sales, including a multilingual staff of about six people before the Olympics kicks off, and will then double its staff during the Games. “An Omega watchmaker will be on site at all times, with a fully outfitted bench that allows visitors to watch them do their detailed, precision work.”

Omega also has a history of endorsing Olympic heroes and celebrities and making them Omega Ambassadors. The following people are likely to be in Vancouver promoting Omega watches: George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Michael Phelps, Sergio Garcia and Michelle Wie.

Currently, Omega has 75 flagship stores located throughout the world

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Gucci Watches Expanding in India

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Many luxury brands have abandoned the U.S. and European markets and have slowly but surely been heading into and expanding their business dealings in Asia and the Middle East. China and India are the new number one destinations; populations are large and the appetite for luxury goods is still growing. Gucci watch collection

Watch brands like Raymond Weil, Tissot and Omega Watches have already arrived; opening new boutiques, hiring famous local Indian and Asian faces to promote their brands and seeing how this move is going to keep them in business.

In 2006, Gucci India made a contract with Murjani Retail to have its good sold throughout the country. But 2006 was a different time. Currently, Luxury Goods Retail sells Gucci products in India under a franchise agreement, and now, in 2009, when the agreement expired, Gucci made a move to petition and won the right to “enter the Indian retail market through single brand stores with the government allowing it to pick up a majority stake in its Indian franchisee Luxury Goods Retail Pvt Ltd.”

In India, Gucci has two stores; one in Delhi and the other in Mumbai but which sold a limited range of products. Last year the announcement was made that not only would the brand geographically expand, so would its product offering. In addition to opening a location in Bangalore, everything from Gucci men’s and women’s collections of ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes, Gucci watches and other accessories will be for sale.

Gucci is one of the most recognized words, not to mention brands, in the world. The epitome of Italian luxury and the largest-selling Italian brand in the world, with the infamous GG logo (which stands for Guccio Gucci, the founder), Gucci anything is desired by many. Gucci watches are one the brand’s many products and are for those that foremost consider themselves fashionistas, will not be disappointed with a Gucci watch. With over twenty-four different collections of men’s and women’s watches, there exists the perfect Gucci timepiece for everybody.

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Porsche Family Donates Luxury Watches

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The actual, real Porsche family must be large and generous because members recently donated 49 women’s luxury watches and men’s watches to London-based auctioneer Bonhams. All proceeds from these sales will go to benefit the Oncology Research Department of the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany.Porsche_logo

If you look at the Porsche logo you’ll notice that the name Stuttgart is emblazoned on it; that’s because although many people may mistake this luxury automobile manufacturer to be Italian, its origins are German and the company is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Some of the luxury watches that were sold came from well-known brands like Panerai, Eterna, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Breitling, Omega Watches and even some from the watch branch of Porsche called Porsche Design. The estimated total value for these 49 watches is about $170,000.

Panerai watches are some of the most coveted in the watch industry. They are not mass produced and only recently have become commonly available in the U.S. Their extra large faces and simple, classic designs have made them extremely popular men’s watches.

porschedesignwatchTAG Heuer is the one watch brand that has a partnership with Porsche and produces a Carrera and Grand Carrera line. Panerai has a partnership with Ferrari, while Breitling and Bentley have joined hands.

Breitling is a brand that has been around for a long time and although started out and remains dedicated to producing men’s watches for aviation pilots, Breitling watches have become quite the status symbol as well.

Audemars Piguet, Omega watches and Jaeger LeCoultre are other brands which all have strong footing in the luxury watch world and will be hot items at this auction which takes place on December 2, 2009.

Aside from luxury watches, there will be other items for sale; the full list totals 280 items. Although the auction will take place in London you can register online at

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Cindy Crawford for Omega Watches

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Omega Watches has quite the A-list of celebrity brand Ambassadors. Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman and George Clooney are big names with heavy pull and have been Omega Ambassadors for years and years. Omega has a great relationship with these celebs because they adhere well to the terms of their contracts and always show up for in-person store opening, new watch collection launches, etc.cindy crawford

A few weeks ago it was Nicole Kidman who was in New York for an event at the Omega store and this past weekend it was Cindy Crawford who was strutting her stuff for a new collection of Omega women’s watches in London. Crawford has been an Omega ambassador since 1995, longer than any other of the company’s Ambassadors. Not only does she do advertising campaigns, she is also hosts events and participates in product design, lending her sense of fashion and model input to finishing touches and more.

When the spotlight is on one of the world’s best known super models it’s hard to keep the conversation off of her and on the, in this case, watch that she is promoting, but Crawford did it by answering certain questions quickly and then returning the focus to the event.

Conversation turned to her famous mole and how over the years it has grown bigger, prompting concern about cancer. When Crawford became a super model in the 1980’s her mole was the size of a freckle; it’s now larger and protrudes above the surface of the skin.

Dermatologists recommend annual body checks of all moles to monitor shape, size and color. The now 43 year old Crawford says she is doing this but admitted that “it’s not something I really like to talk about. But I do now get this and all my moles checked out every year as a matter of course. Of course it should be an issue we all have to take seriously.”

omega constellation womenThe topic of her famous mole came about in London when she was at a launch party for the 2009 Omega Constellation watches. This new line has her name on it and she was involved in the actual design of the watch. This is what she has to say about the silver Constellation watch with diamonds inside and outside the face that was on her wrist: “Yes, they are real diamonds! But it’s still classic and simple. It has a little bit of bling, but not too much so you don’t feel pretentious.”

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Swatch Group Will Invest $100 Million in Brazil

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The Swatch Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of watches. Under the group’s umbrella are 19 watch companies, including Tissot, Omega, Swatch, Breguet and others. Swatch used to operate a Tissot factory in Manaus, a free trade zone in the capital of the state of Amazonas in Brazil, but was forced to shut down because bribes were being demanded. However, now Swatch plans to re-enter Brazil and will be bringing $100 million dollars worth of

The timing of this decision could not better as Brazil was just awarded the honor to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. Nicolas Hayek, the man behind Swatch is scheduled to meet with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to discuss Swatch’s investment plans.

Housing one of the largest populations in the world and by far in Latin America, Brazil is a great market with lots of buying power, especially for mid priced watches such as those by Swatch. It is also fair to say that Brazilians will be drawn to the fun, bright colors found in Swatch watches. Other watches sold by brands owned by the Swatch Group, such as Omega and Tissot watches, will also do well in Brazil.

The Swatch Group has a great reputation as a company to work for. In a survey conducted in Switzerland, 3,400 were asked about the image, profile, quality, innovation and emotional components of 112 different Swiss companies. Swatch Group came in at the top.

Its sales also go to show that they are doing well. Despite increases in the cost of materials and production, the Swatch Group continues to expand, open new facilities, and push forward into new markets, such as Brazil. Hayek has stated that “Brazil is the company’s No. 3 market for investment, trailing only Switzerland and Asia.”

It was just announced that the 2016 Olympics Games will be hosted in Rio. Omega Watches, part of the Swatch Group, also recently announced that it will continue to be the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games. Omega has pledged to invest more than $1 billion dollars into sports timekeeping over the next ten years.

The $100 million promised by Swatch Group and the $1 billion promised by Omega is a lot of money, but surely this type of money is worth the advertising that Omega and therefore Swatch will receive in Brazil surrounding the Olympics, making it a win-win for all those involved.

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