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Movado Sport Luxury Watches with Unexpected Features

Written by Debbie. Posted in Men's Watches, More News, Movado

Movado Moving in a Sporty Direction

Movado has come a long way since the release of the Museum watch.  These days this Swiss watch maker is concentrating on, not only the continuation of the Museum, but the enhancement of their line.  The use of varying and unique materials, as well as different design elements, is giving Movado an edge you wouldn’t expect.  This is apparent in their collection of sport luxury timepieces.  The Sport Luxury models, like the Junior Sport, and Junior Sport PVD are not you’re typical Movado.  They have bold features and masculine, rugged exteriors.  The materials used are solid steel and sturdy PVD.  The Swiss quality we have come to expect is in place, but the styling has been beefed up, with extra touches, not normally found in Movado creations.  These watches come with Quartz movements, which keep the weight down, and offer precision accuracy.  The dials on the Sport Collection are much busier than your Museum dials, which adds to their interest.  Movado still holds the Museum watches dear to their hearts, but these new and innovative pieces create diversity, which can only benefit the brand.  Check out the Movado Sport Luxury watches…you’ll be glad you did.  Their style is undeniable.

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Movado Timema, Out Of This World

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Movado's Timema Has Futuristic Styling

Talk about a futuristic design from Movado and you cant’ help but look at the Timema Women’s timepiece.  This luxury Swiss watchmaker has really colored outside the lines, with this creation.  It is a tantalizing display of symmetry and style.  The 605355 Timema Women’s watch is unlike any other Movado conception.  Its contemporary and dramatic architecture is an exceptional modernistic interpretation. This women’s timepiece has the classis Museum dial, but that is where the similarities to any other Movado end.  The Timema features a case that is ergonomic and elongated, crafted of polished stainless-steel.  The case is oversized, and houses the demure black Museum dial.  The bracelet of the Timema is a blending of brushed and polished stainless-steel, and is fastened, securely with a jewelers clasp.  This is a battery operated Swiss Quartz movement, and is water resistant to 30 meters.  Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this Movado Timema.  The styling of this women’s timepiece will make heads turn, and gives us a glimpse into the artistically creative side of Movado.  They have received over 200 awards internationally for design and innovation, and now you see why.  Always pushing the envelop, with unanticipated elements, that’s Movado.  See the Timema Women’s Watch at the Movado website.

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Movado, Harmonizes

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Movado Harmony Watch

Fans of Movado creations are never disappointed with the designs that are presented.  We love Movado, because of their style, their quality, and their consistency.  They continually produce beautiful watches, all with a distinct and recognizable look.  The Swiss watchmaker has made a point of never loosing site of fashion, when creating these high quality pieces.  Neither the form or function are in competition with one another…instead they work together, like voice and instrument.  This melodious joining is ever-present in the, appropriately named, Harmony collection.  The Harmony Women’s Watch is a lovely and delicate design.  The watch is a bangle style, crafted of solid stainless-steel.  The model number 606056 is classic Movado.  The black Museum dial is the prominent feature of this timepiece, and it is tastefully adorned by the singular Movado dot.  The clean look of the face is complimented by a streamline double bangle bracelet, in polished stainless-steel.  The bracelet is crafted with a jeweler’s clasp, and adjustable settings.  This is a Swiss Quartz movement, and is water resistant to 3 ATM.  The Harmony collection comes in different variations, from full steel, to steel and gold tone, to solid gold tone.  All subtle, all striking, and all Movado. They hit the perfect note!

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Movado Watches Have Timeless Style

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Movado Watches

Movado Watches have a style like no other.  You can recognize that style and design a mile away, and that’s how Movado has become so successful…that ands the fact that they make a fine Swiss quality precision watch.  Movado watches have flare nd their streamlined look has a broad reaching appeal.  One of Movado’s new watch releases is the Esperanza.  The 606280 Men’s Esperanza Movado watch has the classic Movado look, with some new features and updated finishes.  This is a vertically-linked bracelet set in shining stainless-steel.  This is a solid men’s watch in a large size.  The Esperanza Movado watch has a diamond bezel and of course, the signature jet black museum dial.  I love its understated elegance.   Not often can you place diamonds on a men’s watch without an overpowering affect, Movado has done just that.  As with all Movado watches the 606280 Men’s Esperanza Movado is all Swiss-made.  That means quality and durability you can count on.  Movado watches are a timeless classic.  The style of these watches is never outdated, and with the Movado name behind them, quality is always in place.  Check out all the new releases from Movado watches…I promise you’ll find one you love!

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Movado Watches Have Classic Style

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Ladies Movado Watch, Dazzles

When I say Movado Watches, you have to think of understated elegance.  This sophisticated brand has built a well-deserved reputation for designing amazing men’s and women’s watches that goes way back.  Today I’d like to tell you about the 800 Series, by Movado.

The 800 Series is a beautiful, bold collection, with Tom Brady as the Ambassador and a special edition Tom Brady 800 designed…you might think this is for boys “only”.  It’s not.  Movado has included a lovely selection of ladies 800 timepieces…let’s see.

Here’s the 2600052 Women’s 800 Series Bracelet Watch.  Wow, this is beautiful.  This is a multi-function, Swiss Quartz timepiece.  It is made from high quality stainless-steel, and comes in a brushed finish.  The dial is round in shape and has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the face is crafted of luxurious Mother-of-Pearl.  The bracelet is beautiful brushed steel, as well, and comes equipped with a deployment clasp.  The 800 Series Bracelet Watch, by Movado is also water-resistant to a depth of 660 feet!

This women’s timepiece is a great example of Movado’s style.  The soft lines of Movado stand out.  They infuse all of their designs with artistic elements, which make Movado watches, simply irresistible, and the fact that they are high quality instruments, seals the deal.

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Movado Watches, Artistic and Beautiful

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Movado's New Editions

There’s no getting around the fact that Movado watches are beautiful.  They are among the watchmakers that have evolved from jewelry designers, and it shows in their stylish appearance.  Movado watches have very graceful and elegant lines and are universally appealing to both men and women.  They stick to what works quality Swiss-made movement and sleek, streamline semblance.  Movado has kept their classic look and built a reputation that can be trusted. 

An excellent example of one of Movado watches more delicate designs can be found in the 606267 Bela Women’s Watch.  The Bela is a baguette bangle creation, which comes in two-toned stainless-steel.  This women’s watch really looks and feels more like a bracelet than a timepiece.  Perfect for slim wrists, the Bela can be worn alongside your jewelry without becoming too overpowering.  It comes with a jet black dial in a rectangular shape and carries the signature single cabochon marking that Movado watches are recognized for.  It goes without saying that this watch, along with all Movado watches is quality Swiss made, and built to last.  With Swiss precision built in to this beautiful timepiece, it’s a great choice.

 The Bela Two-Toned Women’s Watch is probably the daintiest of their new designs, and definitely one of the loveliest.  Get to know all of Movado watches recent additions, by visiting their website, today.

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Movado Watches Releases Red Label Museum Calendomatic Picture Watch

Written by Debbie. Posted in Fashion Watches, Luxury Watches, Movado

Movado Red Label Museum WatchAs a brand whose exquisite watches have made their way into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Movado Watches employs the most refined use of linear design, finesse and modernity into their timepieces.

The latest incantation of Movado Watches is the long-awaited Red Label Museum Calendomatic Picture, a model that represents that company’s early designs dating back to 1946. Using a self-winding Calendomatic movement, the new Movado Red Label Museum watch maintains the same characteristic design concepts that have defined the brand for decades.

Measuring 42 mm in diameter, the round case of the Red Label Calendomatic is crafted from silvery stainless steel, which contrasts beautifully with the black leather strap and black dial. In addition to the signature Movado “dot” at the 12 o’clock hour, the watch features a convex date windo at the 6 o’clock hour, a function that is generated by the ETA 2824-2 progressive Calibre movement.

The new Red Label Museum Calendomatic from Movado Watches embodies the style and sophistication that has made the watch company such an icon in the world of horology, and it has enjoyed enormous market success since its release earlier this month.

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Movado Watches Released that Men are Loving

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If you find yourself drawn to the aesthetic quality of Movado watches, you are not alone. A perennial favorite among the upper echelons of New York’s artistic community, Movado’s Museum Watch has won numerous accolades, even making its way into the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

While the classic Movado watch is best known for its minimalism, the company has recently released an exciting collection of luxury sports watches. Men will appreciate the Movado 800 Series, with its round stainless steel case, Arabic chapter numerals, and rotating bezel. Including both a tachometer and chronograph dial, this Movado watch is water resistant up to 200 meters and capable of calculating elapsed time and precise speed measurements.

Another popular Movado watch for men is the SE Sports Edition Chronograph, with its casual stitched blue denim dial. The hand indicators are silver-toned, which matches the luminous silver dot at the 12 o’clock hour.

If you are a Movado watch connoisseur, a fanciful take on the classic Museum watch is another option. Check out the elegant Men’s Elliptica with a black alligator strap and rectangular dial. It may not be as sporty as the 800 Series and SE, but it is an exquisite men’s timepiece, with all the hallmarks of a classic Movado watch.

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Movado Watches: Get Bold with Tyra

Written by Debbie. Posted in Movado

There is something going on with talk shows and watches. During the month of December, two different luxury watch brands were mentioned on two of the most watches TV talk shows. On “Ellen” not only did Ellen herself sport an all-white Michele watch from the brand’s Tahitian collection, every person in the audience got one! tyrashow

Michele watches are undoubtedly hot watches; especially these that are made from all ceramic, creating a cool look in black, white or pink, not to mention that the bezels are studded in sparkling diamonds.

On, December 18, on the “Tyra Banks Show” the Movado Bold Collection – “watches and chronographs with a new attitude, energized by color” was mentioned as one of the top ten hottest, must-have holiday gifts of the year.

These Movado watches are described on the company’s website as being “over-sized watches made of high-tech composite material / stainless steel cases. Dials with bold, new sunray dots and bright color details, with leather straps that lined in purple stitiching.” These men’s and women’s watches come in all black, all white, black and purple, or all black with green stick hands.

Movado Bold CollectionAside from both being mentioned on daily talk shows, and stating with “M”, another thing that Michele and Movado watches have in common is that they are both well-made, stylish watches that are very reasonably priced. The Michele watches that were given away were worth $2,000 each (mostly due to the 100 plus diamonds on each watch), while the Bold by Movado pieces come in under $500 each. Now we’re talking! Who needs to spend upwards of either of those sums on a watch? Remember if you shop smart, you can still shop.

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Movado Shares Plummet

Written by Debbie. Posted in Movado

We knew the luxury watch market was in bad shape; practically each and every watchmaking company has suffered financially in one way or another, but here comes some more bad news. movado_logo

Movado, hoping that its third-quarter shares would meet its forecasts and provide good headway for the upcoming year, was way off target. Wall Street has reported that shares in Movado plummeted nearly 18% to $8.90 after closing at $10.85 a few days earlier.

How quickly things change. A year ago, during this same time, Movado reported a profit of $15.7 million, or 62 cents a share. These recent third quarter results made it so that Movado had to report a net loss of $20.9 million, or 85 cents a share. “Excluding one-time items, Movado said it earned 12 cents a share, significantly worse than analysts’ estimates for 65 cents.”

In addition to making Movado watches, the company, which also makes Concord and Tommy Hilfiger watches, said its sales dropped 20% to $129 million. This is bad news considering that stock analysts had forecasted revenue of $141.2 million.

In response to these numbers, Efraim Grinberg, Movado’s CEO, has said “we are very disappointed in our third quarter and year-to-date results. We experienced higher levels of de-stocking in the marketplace than originally anticipated as retailers continued to focus on very tight inventory control.”

One of the things that have negatively affected Movado, as well as other luxury watch brands, are the high levels of watch and jewelry retail store closures and the subsequent inventory liquidation.

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