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Michele Watches Are Bright And Sunny

Written by Debbie. Posted in Authentic Watches, Diamond Watches, Michele, Women's Watches

Michele Watches Get Ready For Summer


I can’t say enough good stuff about Michele watches.  I think they’re terrific, and offer so many fun, flirty, girly styles!  Michele is a luxury fashion watch maker, geared toward women.  A Michele watch will instantly make you feel a bit more glamorous, more fun loving, more in style.  Let’s check out some great styles.  

Ok, with summer right around the corner, how about some really bright and fun creations from Michele?  The Tropical Paradise line is just that, and more.  I kind of fell for the Tropical Paradise Sea Turtle edition.  It comes with a really vibrant turquoise leather strap, which reminds me of the ocean.  On the face a sweet tropical scene is being played out.  Palm trees are blowing in the wind, the blue oceans is sparkling, and two adorable sea turtles are making their way back to sea, their shells shining in the sunshine.  Actually their shells are lit up by 53 luxurious diamonds!  All of this is set against a white enamel background.  It’s beautiful and tastefully done.  The Tropical Paradise line also features a cute monkey grabbing at a bunch of yellow bananas, and a pretty in pink watch, with an underwater view.  Colorful tropical fish swim along coral and sea plants.  These watches have a summer attitude, do you?

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Michele Watches Show Their Spots

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Michele Watches

While I’m not your typical girly-girl, I have to admit that Michele watches bring out more of that in me.  This company produces some of the most feminine and fun designs I’ve seen, and wearing them makes you happy to be a woman.  One of my favorite Michele watches is from the Coquette Collection. 

The MWW08A000211 Coquette Petite Diamond Cheetah Patent Leather watch is beautiful and shows a bit of my wild side.  The dial is not you run of the mill round or square, it’s an elongated, rounded rectangle.  The hour markings are also stretched to match the shape of the dial…very art-deco feel.  Surrounding the dial are eighty luxurious diamonds, and the picture is completed with a patent leather strap in a, black and white Cheetah print. 

The case on this Michele watch measures 22.5mm by 33.65mm, and the strap is 12mm.  The total diamond weight is .67 carat…did I mention there are eighty diamonds adorning this beautiful watch? 

 The MWW08A000211 Coquette Petite Diamond Cheetah Patent Leather watch, as with all Michele creations, is all Swiss movement, and of course water-resistant to 5 ATM.  If you love the dial and want to change it up a bit…the strap is interchangeable with all 12mm. Michele watch straps, but why?  This one is purr-fect!

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Michele Watches, A Change Of Pace

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Change It Up With Michele Watches


Michele is known for being one of the premier accessory designers in the world.  Following and keeping up with the trends on the runway, Michele has earned a reputation of being at the forefront of the fashion industry.  Their sun wear and handbags have long been a hit with young fashionistas, and Michele watches are taking off, as well.

Michele’s watch line is bright and vibrant, with glamorous touches.  The colorful bracelets and intricately designed watch dials tickle our senses and the combination choices get our imaginations stirring. 

With Michele watches one can create their own statement timepiece.  With exotic prints and shiny metallic leathers…the possibilities are endless.  You can show off your serious side and create a classic, stainless-steel watch, or maybe get a little wild and mix diamonds with a leopard print leather bracelet.  With Michele, you can do both.  The dials and bracelets are interchangeable and can be designed to suit whatever mood you happen to be in.  Feminine and flirty, sultry and serious…or maybe classic and sophisticated.  We women reserve the right to change our minds.  So, have fun with Michele watches!

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Michele Watches ceramic collection

Written by Debbie. Posted in Michele, News, Women's Watches

They may not be the only company to use this material, but Michele Watches, like always, does it in a unique, extra-stylish way. We’re talking about the use of ceramic in their watch designs. Many people equate ceramic with weak materials, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Watchmakers have spent many resources in extensive research to make ceramic durable and scratch resistant, rendering a easy to use material in luxurious watches.

If you want to know just how strong ceramic can be, well think of it this way: ceramic can be used to make bullet-proof vests and other armor, so it is a pretty strong material!

Many companies have used ceramic in some of their watch designs, but Michele Watches has successfully bringing out the best the ceramic has to offer. Their practical designs featuring a date window and three-eye chronograph make them great sporty watches, and with their beautiful array of diamonds set around the face, blending softly with the opaque pink of the ceramic band, the watch is absolutely attractive.

They currently feature a number of different styles within their ceramic collection, all following the company’s mission to blend traditional styles with modern looks, making them the perfect piece for every woman.

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Force behind Michele Watches Has Grown Up With the Company

Written by Debbie. Posted in Michele

If you’ve ever wondered who the “Michele” is behind the Michele Watch Company, here is the scoop. Michele Barouh is the daughter of the company’s founder, Jack Barouh. Jack named the company for Michele when she was a small child, but today she is the force behind the company’s creative success.

As the creative director for Michele Watches, Barouh brings a youMichele Watchesnger, more whimsical perspective to the line. She instinctively knows how to balance the need to develop a new customer base with retaining the existing status of the brand, and thanks to her personal style and imagination, she never stops innovating.

Before becoming Michele’s creative director, Michele earned a Masters in Art and Business at the Sotheby’s Institute, and even though the company is now owned by Fossil, she is able to make major contributions to the direction of the brand. As a third generation watch designer, one of her more recent triumphs was the launch and design of Michele Watches interchangeable bands, a development that has positively impacted the company’s success.

Michele Watches are known for being one of the most fashion-conscious luxury watch brands, and thanks to Michele Barouh’s dynamic vision, the company continues to be at the cutting edge of international watch making trends.

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Movado Watches: Get Bold with Tyra

Written by Debbie. Posted in Movado

There is something going on with talk shows and watches. During the month of December, two different luxury watch brands were mentioned on two of the most watches TV talk shows. On “Ellen” not only did Ellen herself sport an all-white Michele watch from the brand’s Tahitian collection, every person in the audience got one! tyrashow

Michele watches are undoubtedly hot watches; especially these that are made from all ceramic, creating a cool look in black, white or pink, not to mention that the bezels are studded in sparkling diamonds.

On, December 18, on the “Tyra Banks Show” the Movado Bold Collection – “watches and chronographs with a new attitude, energized by color” was mentioned as one of the top ten hottest, must-have holiday gifts of the year.

These Movado watches are described on the company’s website as being “over-sized watches made of high-tech composite material / stainless steel cases. Dials with bold, new sunray dots and bright color details, with leather straps that lined in purple stitiching.” These men’s and women’s watches come in all black, all white, black and purple, or all black with green stick hands.

Movado Bold CollectionAside from both being mentioned on daily talk shows, and stating with “M”, another thing that Michele and Movado watches have in common is that they are both well-made, stylish watches that are very reasonably priced. The Michele watches that were given away were worth $2,000 each (mostly due to the 100 plus diamonds on each watch), while the Bold by Movado pieces come in under $500 each. Now we’re talking! Who needs to spend upwards of either of those sums on a watch? Remember if you shop smart, you can still shop.

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Designer Watches at Discount Prices

Written by Debbie. Posted in Fashion Watches

What could be better? A brand new, never worn, designer watch at a price you can afford from top brands like Breitling, Bvlgari and TAG Heuer to Cartier watches, Gucci watches and Michele watches

Breitling typically makes men’s watches; with large faces and complex functions, these are known as “instruments for professionals”, specifically for aviation pilots. However, for the woman with an adventurous spirit there are Breitling women’s watches as well, like the Windrider Starliner that comes with diamonds.

Bvlgari needs little introduction or description. Any fan of Italian luxury goods will know and love Bvlgari. The great thing about Bvlgari watches is that almost every single one comes with the well-known Bvlgari bezel, making it a true designer watch in every way. Whether you’re talking Assioma, Diagono or Rettangolo, these styles are guaranteed winners.

Another brand which needs little explanation is Cartier. Cartier watches are by far some of the most continually sought after watches in the industry. Cartier men’s watches are popular among both sexes and with their balance between power and style, can be worn whenever, wherever. Even if you are not that familiar with watch names, there is little doubt that you’ve heard of the Santos, the Pasha or the Tank.

TAG Heuer carreraGucci watches are yet another hot buy and go for less than a Bvlgari or Cartier watch, making them a great buy. For women especially, Gucci offers so many styles to choose from, many of them being jewelry watches which gives the wearer the added benefit of owning a watch that also looks like a fine piece of jewelry.

Speaking of “for the ladies”, Michele watches are watches made for the woman that is bold, confident and not afraid to show it. Michele watches are classy and sexy and with their easily interchangeable bands, can be worn from work to a hot date and make you look great.

TAG Heuer watches are for those that want to look good and wear a watch that can withstand some serious heat. Promoted and worn by some of the world’s top athletes, TAG watches are always a winning choice.

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