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Five Celebrities and Their Favorite Watches

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Five Celebrities and Their Favorite Watches

One sign of a celebrity’s fame is the kind of watch they wear. Rolex or Christian Dior on a celebrity’s wrist means they’ve made it to the “million dollar club.” Timex means they haven’t. Most celebs have a favorite luxury watch that they love to wear or endorse, gaining publicity for themselves and the watch brand.

Here is a list of five celebrities and the watches that they love to wear and endorse:


Diane Kruger Jaeger LeCoultre Rendezvous

Diane Kruger is brand ambassador for Jaeger LeCoultre

Diane Kruger – Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendezvouz Ladies Watch

Diane Kruger has been brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Jauger-LeCoultre since 2009. She wears the Rendezvous ladies watch. Available in pink-gold or stainless steel, the watch exudes a feminine elegance that was inspired by Diane Kruger. Says the brand on its official website: “Her innate grace, her cosmopolitan spirit and her choices inspired the feminine world of Jaeger-LeCoultre.” This watch is truly beautiful, with a diamond-set illuminated bezel, 1930s Art Deco inspired numerals set upon a guilloché dial, and a sapphire crystal case-back.


Jennifer Aniston's Yellow Gold Rolex Datejust

Jennifer Aniston loves her yellow gold Rolex Datejust


Jennifer Aniston – Rolex Datejust

It is well known in Hollywood that Jennifer Aniston is a “Rolex-only” kind of girl. There are hundreds of pictures of her out on the town with a Rolex on her wrist. Although she has been photographed wearing a black Rolex Daytona, it is clear that her yellow gold Rolex Datejust is her favorite. Her Rolex Day-Date is an 18-carat yellow gold piece with a fluted bezel and a champagne colored dial.





Leonardo DiCaprio wearing TAG Heuer

Leonardo DiCaprio is brand ambassador for TAG Heuer



Leonardo DiCaprio – TAG Heuer Carrera

Brand Ambassador for “Swiss avant-garde” watch manufacturer TAG Heuer, Leonardo DiCaprio loves to sport the TAG Heuer Carrera timepiece. With a Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph powering the watch, it’s a perfect match for motor racing and other fast-paced sports. Both DiCaprio and TAG Heuer share a common goal of environmental sustainability.






Charlize Theron wears Christion Dior VII

Charlize Theron wears Christian Dior VII watch



Charlize Theron – Christian Dior VII

Charlize Theron has moved from the ads of Christian Dior’s “J’adore” perfume to the Christian Dior VII watch. This watch is extravagant to the extreme. With a white ceramic and steel casing and diamonds set into an opaline and silver dial, it’s hard to decide which is more beautiful – the watch or Charlize Theron.





Kate Winslet wears Longines Dolcevita

Kate Winslet is brand ambassador for Longines Dolcevita

Kate Winslet – Longines Dolcevita

Kate Winslet has Longines “ambassadress of Elegance” since 2010.  Swiss watch brand Longines, established in 1832, has had many celebrity ambassadors including tennis player Andre Agassi, Australian actor Simon Baker, and Indian Beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, but it could be argued that Kate Winslet is the most elegant face to wear their watches. She wears the Longines Dolcevita, an elegantly designed timepiece that was inspired by the easy-going Italian way of life – la dolce vita. Everything about this watch has femininity to it: its rectangular stainless steel and pink gold case and bracelet, its tear drop hour markers, and pink hour and minute hands.




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Glasshüte Original Impresses with the Release of the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillion Timepiece

Written by Debbie. Posted in Men's Watches

At a special exhibition in May 2012, German luxury watchmaker Glasshüte Original unveiled its most ambitious and complex timepiece yet, the new Grande Cosmopolite Turbillon watch.

Glasshüte Original itself describes the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon watch as being, “the most unusual and sophisticated masterpiece in [its] history,” released in a very limited edition comprised of just 25 pieces. At first glance, the appearance of the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon certainly supports the company’s statement, the watch displaying a somewhat overwhelming assortment of windows, dials and knobs on its face.

In fact, the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon is as technically complex as it looks, but has been cleverly designed with usability in mind, the timepiece particularly geared toward world travelers or those whose lifestyles span multiple time zones at once. Although featuring multiple complications, they are easy to adjust, making this watch unique and aesthetically interesting, while also functional for the modern sensibility.

For years, developers of the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon had been working to find a way to harmonize the various mechanisms encompassed within this timepiece. The watch can display the time in two different zones at once, interestingly, set using the IATA or international airport codes and including all 37 time zones of the world. Those who do not have all the IATA codes memorized need not fret, as they are engraved on the watch’s platinum case-back.

Grande Cosmopolitan Tourbillion's IATA Adjustment

The Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillion timepiece uses international airport codes (IATA codes) to display time zones. The IATA codes for various cities are engraved on the watch’s caseback for reference.

When setting the time including the IATA codes, the watch is able to adjust for standard time and daylight savings time, as displayed in the two windows at the bottom left region of the dial, and the time in one other zone. Further, it can be set to move backwards or forwards depending on one’s westward or eastward travel direction, respectively, utilizing a knob at the 2 o’clock position. The dial displays the month, date, and day of the week, also adjusting to time zone changes, this watch essentially requiring no work or thinking, perfectly suited for the weary world traveler.

GCT Watch Dial

The Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillion is an attractive watch, its circular 48 mm dial featuring elegant Roman numeral marks set on a simple white background, pleasing blue coloring on several of its displays and incorporating a gold flying minute tourbillion as an homage to Glasshüte Original’s legendary watchmaker Alfred Helwig.

With four patents pending to protect the unique features developed specifically for this intricate timepiece, Glasshüte Original presents one of the most impressive luxury world-time watches to date with its Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillion. The release of this timepiece marks Glasshüte Original’s position as an important, forward-thinking watchmaker to look out for both in the present and into the future, even reflected in Glasshüte Original’s promise to replace the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillion’s internal IATA disc in the case that nations decide to change their time zone designations.

GCT Watch Packaging

This limited edition watch is presented in this impressive, globe-esque box.

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The Future of Nooka Timepieces – Zub 40 a Watch to Look Out For

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Written by: Catherine Wolinski

The future of timepieces is here. Nooka Inc., a New York design company most known for its innovative wristwatches, has recently introduced its newest addition to the Zub family.

Nooka Nootrals Original

The original Zub watch for Nooka Nootrals

The Nooka brand, though not well known or sold in major stores, has received considerable attention since its creation in Dec. 2004.  With its first client as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and current collaboration with companies like Nickelodeon, MTV, and the counter-culture toy store, KidRobot, the brand’s unique approach to timepieces in particular has caught the attention of artists, rappers, and everyday watch fans.

Structured around Nooka’s guiding principles that combine functionality with a futuristic philosophy, the Zub collection follows the company’s creative strategy with its simple appearance.  Also referred to as the “Nooka Nootrals,” the new product employs neutral colors and

A photo of the new Zub 40, the most recent addition to Nooka's collection.

Nooka's New Zub 40

monochromatic schemes said to promote the brand values of customizable mood and style. The newest piece, the Zub 40, takes this founding idea to the next level by introducing four color schemes and interchangeable bands.

“I thought if one has to be taught how to tell time, how intuitive is it really?  Surely there are other models, once learned, that can be as intuitive as what we are taught,” says chief designer and founder, Matthew Waldman.

Waldman instills a core set of values in his brand: Universal communication, passion, interaction, purpose, inspiration, and most prominently, futurism.  The products—which also include accessories such as belts and wallets—follow this “Nookafesto” which necessitates every product be a physical manifestation of an idea that surpasses ordinary expectations of everyday objects.

“Nooka changes how we experience technology by placing it in new contexts,” the manifesto states. “The futurist believes that this process always results in progress. Nooka is a futurist brand.”

With a concept that was born in London, first produced in Japan, and is now headquartered in New York City with an office in Tokyo, the Nooka fashion design company has built upon Waldman’s initial theory by creating an eclectic universe of conceptual products that are both pleasing to the eye and enlightening to the mind. Whether you’re looking for a new way to look at time, or are just in need of a new watch, the future is clear—visit Nooka’s website to pick out an accessory that breaches the concept of time as we know it.

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TAG Heuer Beats Out Competition

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What Does Your TAG Heuer Say About You?

A watch on a man’s wrist is much more than a device for keeping time, it has turned into a fashion statement, as well as a reflection of one’s personality and level of success.  TAG Heuer has long been regarded as one of the industries leaders in sport luxury watches, producing some of the most creative and innovative chronographs, around.  Their styling is appreciated by watch enthusiasts across the globe, and this is why TAG Heuer is among the best selling men’s watch brands in the world.  Facing tough competition, like Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Cartier, Invicta, and Fossil, TAG Heuer holds their own, in the race to make the best sport luxury watch.  This Swiss watch maker is highly sought after, and created their first ever chronograph, back in 1882.  Since then, TAG has been on a tireless mission to improve on their watches, offering advanced technology and avant-garde styling.  Watch connoisseurs consider TAG Heuer timepieces to be a great investment, noting that the TH look is unique and well crafted.  Wearing the right TH on your wrist will let others in on your personality and your lifestyle, and can be seen as a barometer with which to gauge your accomplishments.  Make your personal fashion statement, through your choice of TAG.

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Movado Sport Luxury Watches with Unexpected Features

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Movado Moving in a Sporty Direction

Movado has come a long way since the release of the Museum watch.  These days this Swiss watch maker is concentrating on, not only the continuation of the Museum, but the enhancement of their line.  The use of varying and unique materials, as well as different design elements, is giving Movado an edge you wouldn’t expect.  This is apparent in their collection of sport luxury timepieces.  The Sport Luxury models, like the Junior Sport, and Junior Sport PVD are not you’re typical Movado.  They have bold features and masculine, rugged exteriors.  The materials used are solid steel and sturdy PVD.  The Swiss quality we have come to expect is in place, but the styling has been beefed up, with extra touches, not normally found in Movado creations.  These watches come with Quartz movements, which keep the weight down, and offer precision accuracy.  The dials on the Sport Collection are much busier than your Museum dials, which adds to their interest.  Movado still holds the Museum watches dear to their hearts, but these new and innovative pieces create diversity, which can only benefit the brand.  Check out the Movado Sport Luxury watches…you’ll be glad you did.  Their style is undeniable.

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Movado, Sporty and Sophisticated

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Movado Series 800 Derek Jeter Limited Edition

Movado, maker of luxury watches for men and women has some surprising new designs to share.  The Series 800 Collection is a line of watches with a specialized sports feel.  The styling of the Series 800’s is that of high end chronographs.  The materials used are finished beautifully, and the options are abundant.  The sleek and clean Movado minimalistic appearance is traded for the performance look of a full functioning chronograph.  Although, not your typical Museum Dial, this watch has some signature Movado features, like the logo “Dot”, located at the 12 o’clock mark, and the Movado name displayed beneath.  Of course, all of the quality and craftsmanship we have come to trust is in these watches, as well.  The Series 800 comes in many forms.  Some are dressier, with polished stainless-steel cases and bracelets, and others are more casual, featuring rubber straps and bold colorful dials.  The Derek Jeter Limited Edition Series 800 has a black, pinstriped dial and a gorgeous 18 carat rose gold case and bezel.  All these fabulous watches by Movado are Swiss made and full of traditional quality.  Discover the Series 800, and all of Movado’s unique and daring designs.  Staying true to tradition, while keeping up with the times…Movado.

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TAG Heuer’s New Ambassador, Chandhok

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TAG Heuer's Ambassador to India, Karun Chandhok

TAG Heuer’s luxury sport watch line is well respected in the high stakes world of racing, for their accuracy.  This is a tough crowd, who demand perfection.  There is little to no room for error in timing a racing event, and that’s where TAG Heuer’s perfection shines.  In May of 2010, TAG announced that Formula One driver, Karun Chandhok of India would join their illustrious group of Ambassadors.  This newest edition of brand Ambassador will make his initial appearance on May 19th, at the TAG Heuer 150 year anniversary event.  The celebration will be held in New Delhi, India and is sure to create a stir. 

An intense dedication to excellence is a TAG Heuer trait, and that characteristic is modeled in Chandhok.  The driver joins the Formula One racing team at the tender age of 26, accomplishing something most drivers dream of, but few ever achieve.  The TAG Heuer name has a long standing reputation of quality performance, and commitment to value.  They continue to recognize talented individuals in the sports world, and align themselves with them.  This partnership seem to be the perfect fit, not unlike the other Formula One Ambassadors; Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Ayrton Senna, and Alain Prost.  TAG Heuer, expect the very best.

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Wow Him With The Raymond Weil Nabucco

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Raymond Weil Nabucco Titanium, The Perfect Watch For Him

Do you want to impress that extraordinary man in your life, or signify a special occasion?  Think about picking out a Raymond Weil timepiece for him.  The quality can’t be beat, and the styling is out of this world.  Raymond Weil uses only the finest materials, and finishes them impeccably.  One look at a Raymond Weil creation and you know you’ve just found something special and unique.  Take the Nabucco men’s watch for example.  This timepiece is super-masculine and loaded with functionality.  No man could resist this strong watch interpretation.  The 7800TI05607 Nabucco is a marvelous automatic winding mechanical.  It has chronograph capabilities, as well.  This model from Raymond Weil is crafted of strong stainless-steel and Titanium.  Its looks are impressive, and devilishly handsome.  Your gut will know you appreciate his strength by matching it with this bold timepiece.  The architecture is brawny and daring, and the combination of fine materials creates an overall phenomenal effect.  Trust me, he will look at you like you just bought him a racecar.  He will wear this watch with pride everyday.  The look of the Nabucco is what he will notice first, but once he takes this watch for a test run, he’ll fall in love with the precision accurate functioning.  The perfect watch for the perfect fella!

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Cartier Santo 100, Titanium Treasure

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Cartier Santos 100, Big Bold, Brilliant


 We all recognize Cartier for their elegant designs and timeless features.  Some of the newer Cartier watches, especially in the men’s collections, take a bit of a different approach.  The delicate styles are replaced with some more adventurous interpretations.  One such men’s watch is the Santos 100 Carbon by Cartier.  This large model men’s timepiece is strong, made from materials like stainless-steel and Titanium.  The steel casing is in a satin finish and coated with ADLC.  ADLC coating increases thickness, thereby cutting down on wear and tear, and it acts as a barrier to corrosive elements…sand, saltwater, and acids.  This watch has a black, square-shaped dial, with Roman numerals, covered by a sapphire crystal.  The steel arms and hands are covered in a phosphorescent material.  The Santos 100 comes with a thick black fabric strap.  This unusual design by Cartier was created to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the iconic Santos watches.  The W2020010 Santos 100 men’s watch has some of the classic Cartier styling, but the diverse materials used, and its unusually substantial size give it an edge.  This fantastic Cartier men’s watch goes for around $7.000.  It is a timepiece with history and tradition…and a real work of art.  Get to know more about Cartier, today.

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Tissot’s Heritage Watch Shows Style

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The Tissot Heritage 2009, Stylish


We are all familiar with Tissot watches.  Their NASCAR connections and all of the companies fast paced affiliations have helped to make Tissot a household name with race car drivers, champion cyclists, and even MotoGP fans, but the real success of this watchmaker is the reputation their precision instruments have gained throughout the years, with their clients.  Men and women alike can appreciate the fine Swiss craftsmanship that goes into making these watches, and that is what keeps customer loyalty.  Another key factor is style and one very stylish Tissot watch is the T904.432.76.057.00 Heritage 2009 men’s watch. 

The Heritage come in either stainless-steel or gold.  I prefer the 18 carat gold version.  This  stunning men’s watch is a manual automatic Chronograph.  It comes with all the bells and whistles.  The Heritage has a rich brown face and is adorned with 18 carat gold time indicators.  The dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and of course this watch is all Swiss movement.  It is water resistant to 3 bar (or 30 meters).  The Heritage 2009 matches the 18 carat gold bezel and accents with a bold brown, alligator bracelet.  This is a great example of Tissot’s ability to pair precision timekeeping with exceptional style, and turn out a fantastic men’s watch.

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